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Camp Electric Day 3: A Magic Show and the Capital Kings!

Camp Electric Day 3: A Magic Show and the Capital Kings!

July 10, about 11:20 AM
Location: Trevecca Community Church
Mood: Really happy

This day will forever be remembered in CE history as "the day I met Ben Kasica". Woke up, ate, went to morning session, and then. My gosh. Today's guitar clinic was taught by Ben Kasica, formerly of megastar hard rock band Skillet. Yeah, Skillet.

He started off with a really funny joke about a band playing live, then he told us about life on the road, recording, gear, embarrassing moments (like the time his guitar cable came unplugged when he went to do a solo), and tons of other fun stuff. And I got to talk to him afterward. AHHHH.

I expressed my Skillet fanhood, learned where the "I am a peanut!" inside joke came from, and gave him my demo. Yeah, I gave the second most famous person at this camp my demo. I am SO excited.

Oh, and Ben says hi.

I gotta go find a new pen...this one's running out. 'Later! Can't wait for Toby and the Capital Kings!

July 10, around 2:30 PM
Location: Mackey 205
Mood: Rockin'

So the day got even more awesome as it went on. I had lunch. Then on the way to the afternoon show, I ran into Taylor Carroll. Former drummer from Pillar. He's such a cool guy. We talked and hung out for a while. He says hi, too.

Our afternoon concert was actually a magic show by a guy called The Maze. He was super impressive. He had a guy pick a random phone number out of a phone book on a table, and then he flipped the table over and the number was written under the tablecloth. (Wow.) He guessed a guy's favorite girl's name and a place he'd like to take her to eat...right out of her head. (Super wow.) He had all the girls with that name stand up and chose one to set the guy up on a blind date with... was his sister. (Awkward.)

Anyway, he then did a superdangerous trick with a super sharp knife. While he had a bag over his head. (Uber wow.) Then he left, but everyone loved it so much we were all like, "One more trick! One more trick!" KJ-52 brought Maze back and he did a card trick. I love card tricks, so it was a cool way to finish up.

Then I checked out my guitar and headed to class. And on the way, first I ran into Ben Kasica again, and he signed my notebook. Then I ran into Tim Rosenau from TobyMac's band. And he totally remembered me from last year. (Yay!) AND I gave him my demo. (Excitement!) I know most of these people probably won't even listen to them, but it's worth it just to give 'em out.

I'm actually in class right now and pretending to take notes. I should probably start paying attention—it's pretty interesting. Paul Shearer is a great guy and a good teacher. Later!

July 10, about 8:20 PM
Location: The concert hall
Mood: Psyched AND satisfied

Well, Paul Shearer's class came and went. I got dinner and then headed down to the concert hall. And the Capital Kings— the band who I've been hyping for FOREVER and was super excited to see—were out there selling merch. I had a total starstruck fangirl moment. And I'm a dude. (Don't judge me.)

And then when Jon (the guy on the left) told me he'd listened to the Family Force 5 remix I did a few weeks ago, my jaw dropped. And THEN he told me he liked it, and I almost fainted.

I got a ton of gear, pictures, videos...#superfan. And then I went into the concert hall and saw their show, and they absolutely destroyed. Basically CK is a two-piece dubstep/dancepop group with a live drum kit. Jon DJs and sings, and Cole DJs and drums. They remix things and do original music, too. They even did a very short DJ set at one point. We danced and jumped and cheered. They KILLED it. Really, go check them out. They're amazing.

Then Jamie Grace did a set. She's a singer-songwriter and a dang good one. She danced, played her guitar, and sang—and rapped a little, too. Everyone was singing along; she killed it.. And TobyMac even came out and helped her out with one song. Cool, eh?

And now I'm waiting for the TobyMac show to start. For once I'm —hang on, it just started! And it's acoustic! I gotta get out there! Later!

Do you listen to the Capital Kings or TobyMac? Doesn't Camp Electric sound like the coolest camp EVER?

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