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TV Show Mash-Up: What Would It Be Like If Your Favorite Series Were COMBINED?

TV Show Mash-Up: What Would It Be Like If Your Favorite Series Were COMBINED?

It looks like the networks might be running out of ideas for new TV shows; the fall line-up is full of reboots, prequels, and even more re-imagined fairy tales. The next step in entertainment recycling is to take two shows that people already love and smoosh them together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with extra angst.

Teen Wolf Mom: Sarah's life is going great: perfect boyfriend, captain of the cheer squad, class president. But everything changes one night when she and her boyfriend have unprotected sex in his car during the full moon.Suddenly her stomach's getting bigger, her teeth are getting pointy, and she realizes she's going to start her senior year pregnant—and a werewolf.

Beavis and Bunheads: Same basic premise as the dance drama, but instead of the floaty background vocals, Beavis and Butt-head's signature chuckles are played.

The Secret Circle of The American Teenager: When Amy Juergens moves to a new town after the death of her mother, a group of new friends explain that she's a witch and together they must use their powers to fight evil. Unfortunately, their incredibly entangled love lives are so distracting they forget about fighting evil and the world descends into darkness.

Pretty Little Lawyers: A combo of PPL and every legal drama currently on USA (if you're not familiar with the line-up, check out this perfect parody), A is still sending sinister texts, but with an innocent woman to defend, an office full of attractive co-workers who may or may not be interested, and extremely tight pencil skirts and stilettos to walk quickly and purposefully in, the girls just can't be bothered.

Switched At Breaking Point: Two ballet dancers at a new teen academy look so similar that their parents take the wrong one home after practice. The dancers are so tired and distracted by their passion for dancing that they don't notice the switch for five years.

Savage and JWoww: Dan Savage moves in with JWoww to become her personal relationship coach, attempting to help her find a healthy relationship. The poor, poor man doesn't stand a chance.

Would you tune in to any of these mashed-up shows? Which two shows do you want to see smooched together?

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