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Camp Electric, Day 2: Rockin' Out with Royal Tailor

Camp Electric, Day 2: Rockin' Out with Royal Tailor

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July 9, about 11:30 AM
Location: Trevecca Community Church
Mood: Havin' fun

This morning was pretty typical of a Camp Electric morning. I woke up about 6 and went to breakfast at 7, which was pretty yummy (pancakes always make me happy). Then at 9 we went to the concert hall for morning session.

Mikeschair showed a lot more enthusiasm this time around, and had us clapping and singing along. Much less lame than last night. After that, our camp pastor —the amazing John Nix —came out and gave us a sermon. Though it would be fair to refer to it as a monologue—the guy is hilarious. He went through our theme for the year, which was "Famous May Be Hazardous To Your Health". Basically, the idea is that finding fame for yourself really can't satisfy you - you're supposed to make God famous instead of you. Pretty deep stuff.

Afterwards us guitarists stayed in the concert hall for the guitar clinic. A guy from Roland showed us a ton of cool pedals and effects. He even had this guitar that basically has a synthesizer inside it; when you turn one knob, the guitar changes tunings, and when you turn the other, it goes from Strat to Telecaster to Les Paul to, I don't know, banjo or something. It was really cool.

Right now I'm at the Tom Jackson Productions session where they take a local band and make their live performance more awesome. It's basically the same every year but it's pretty worth watching. I'm going to stop pretending to take notes and start paying attention now...later!

July 9, around 11 PM
Location: My dorm room
Mood: Ahhhhhh

What. A. Day.

So after the session and lunch, we went to the afternoon mini-concert. Which was KJ-52 doing a full live set. He rapped about the 80s (and made us do the Thriller dance), Mountain Dew (and made us do the Mountain Dew dance), and even Bill Cosby (and, yes, made us do the Bill Cosby dance!). We all had a ton of fun.

And then our class. Whoo. Today's class was taught by none other than DJ Cox from the funk-dance-rock band Royal Tailor. He told us some stories, showed us part of a song, and let us mess with his gear. And I gave him my demo.

You read right. Someone important has my demo. I feel really, really good now.

Back to the day. One of the girls from my class let me come jam with some of her friends during free time. Which was really, really fun. We played Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, TobyMac, Family Force 5—you know, the essentials. And had a great time doing it. There was even a girl who could play all the way through the Bass Battle from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. So I instantly fell in love. :P

Oh, and by the way, DJ says hi.

Then I got a lemonade from the coffee shop, got some dinner, and headed to this evening's concert.

Which blew my mind.

First of all, John announced that they had found a wallet. And then he announced my name. So I jumped up, ran up there, and got it from KJ-52. THAT was embarrassing.

After that little mishap, Mikeschair played some more worship stuff, and then came Royal Tailor. In their colored suits.

Man, these guys put on a show. Everyone's got mad skills. Their songs are super catchy (read: Make A Move). And Tauren, their lead singer, has some MOVES. I mean, he spun. He jumped. He moonwalked. He even did a standing backflip. Oh, and they did funky covers of "Rocketeer" from Far East Movement and "September" from Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Then they gave us a break so they could change the set, and when the show started again, things were intense. There were giant gears turning and floodlights flashing. Alarms blared. And everyone cheered.

Then RED came on and tore it up.

RED has so much energy. They jump and stomp and headbang. Their stage costumes—green jumpsuits with wires sticking out—really fit the whole "machine" look they go for. They're basically super heavy radio rock. And they're dang good at it. And loud, too. At one point, the lead singer crowdsurfed over to the other side of the standing area and started a circle pit (basically, everyone just dashes in a circle).

Oh, and Joe's drum solo was incredible. First he played over "Mombasa" from Inception, then "Rockstar" by N.E.R.D., and then "Right In" and "Cinema" by Skrillex. It was crazy.

I waited in the autograph line for what seemed like forever. But it was worth it. Royal Tailor signed my CD and RED signed my setlist that one of the roadies had given me. And we all had the chance to goof around with each other. Like all good bands should be able to do.

And thus ends Day 2. Time for some sleep...and tomorrow, Capital Kings, Jamie Grace, and TobyMac get up and kill it. I can't WAIT.

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