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What Would You Talk About With Your Older Self?

What Would You Talk About With Your Older Self?

Jeremiah McDonald sounds like a Mankler. He loves Dr. Who, he's a goofball, and he's an artist. He also went back in time to talk to his 12-year-old self. Well, kind of.

In 1992, Jeremiah McDonald was 12. He made a video of himself, intending to watch it when he got older. Now, in 2012, Jeremiah has edited together that original video with his own responses. Check it out!

It's cool to realize that a lot of your interests (time travel! Dr. Who!) don't change at all as you age, and that some (drawing pictures of a rabbit named Roy!) fall by the wayside. It's also pretty interesting to see the evolution of one guy's humor from slapstick, heavy on the burp jokes, to something more wry and witty.

What do you think your 32-year-old self will be like? What would you ask her, if you could talk to her?

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