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The Worst Things to Walk in On

The Worst Things to Walk in On

Walking in on someone in the bathroom is bad enough, but there are fates far worse than catching your best friend's hot older brother mid-pee. We recommend you not only knock before entering, but open the door and wave your arms around for a few seconds with your eyes closed, because some sights cannot be unseen. Here are some of the worst things to walk in on:

Someone else's surprise party. Two seconds of center-of-attention bliss followed by a lifetime of "You ruined the surprise!" recrimination.

Your grandma's racy friend Shirley's pole-dancing class. Because this is a bad summer look.

A supervillain barbecue. The Green Goblin's pissed you didn't bring hot dog buns.

Your dad's mime troupe reunion. Don't be fooled by the horribly misleading silence on the other side of the door.

Two of your teachers making out. Technically legal, yet terribly wrong.

Daniel Craig crying over the ending of The Notebook. He'll be contractually obligated to kill you.

Angelina Jolie having her cyborg parts cleaned and reattached. She'll be contractually obligated to kill you.

The forging of a Twinkie. We're pretty sure it involves a nuclear reactor.

A meeting between the British prime minister and the Minister of Magic. You're about to be on the other end of a powerful Confundus charm.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever walked in on?

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