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The All-American Rejects' Crazy New Animation, Plus Original Song Lyrics!

The All-American Rejects' Crazy New Animation, Plus Original Song Lyrics!

You probably know that the All-American Rejects just released Kids In The Street, their fourth studio album full of angsty anthems and pop-rockin' nostalgia trips. You probably didn't know that "Walk Over Me," their newest music video full of sharpie-scribbled demons and detachable banana hands, comprises over 5,000 photographs printed and hand-animated by the band and friends throughout the course of a month.

Crazy, huh? We know this because the Rejects shared some cold hard data about the video with us. Then they even offered to give us some exclusive photos of the lyrics sheet for another song, "Kids In The Street," if we promised to stop sending them voodoo dolls made of the loose hairs and teeth we scraped from venue floors. It seemed like a fair trade. So you can read their hand-written lyrics below.

We get kind of a Perks of Being A Wallflower "I feel infinite" vibe from "Kids In The Street." The video for "Walk Over Me," not so much. We get more of a Looney-Tunes-gone-sentient-after-too-much-espresso vibe. You feel that? We dunno. But here's what we do know for sure:

3 minutes, 44 seconds: Length of the "Walk Over Me" video.

About 5312: Number of individual frames printed out and altered by the band, their director, friends, "some sweet people we met on…and a spiritual adviser," frontman Tyson Ritter says.

Every 100 frames:
How often the (first) printer ran out of ink while the band printed all those pics. You can actually catch some of the original frames fading every now and then.

Hundreds: Number of pens, markers, and sharpies the team expended while reanimating their footage.

A handful: Amount of extra "stuff" the team used to augment the printed frames, including broken glass, human hair, construction paper, Xmas lights, and googly eyes.

One: Number of costume changes drummer Chris Gaylor made. Originally, he was supposed to wear a white painter's outfit, "But it looked ridiculous and puffy."

Also one: Number of afternoons it took to shoot all the original footage in the basement of an Atlanta, Georgia club during the band's "Kids In The Street" tour.

Basically nothing: Cost to shoot the video in that basement on that one afternoon. This is easily the band's least expensive music video, even though they were dissuaded from animating for years because of the potential production costs. Neener neener.

A week and a half: How long it took Ritter to hand-draw 30-50 frames of the fly-swatter drumming segment. Eesh.

25 days: How long it took the band/conspirators to reanimate the original footage into the final product.

13 years: How long A-AR have been making music together.

123 years: Combined age of the band's 4 current members.

Also 123 years: Age of the Eiffel Tower, Van Gogh's Starry Night, and The Nintendo Company (who got their start manufacturing playing cards). COINCIDENCE!?!?!

9/8/12: When you can star following A-AR on their North American tour.

0: days you have to wait to grab "Kids In The Street" on iTunes.

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