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Fact or Crap? A Dubious History of No Doubt in Honor of New Single "Settle Down"

Fact or Crap? A Dubious History of No Doubt in Honor of New Single "Settle Down"

FACT: No Doubt just put out a new song/music video called "Settle Down."
FACT: It is their first proper song as a band in 11 years, and will appear on the album Push and Shove on September 25.
FACT: We dig it so much we decided to put together the following No Doubt quizzlet. Tell us whether the follow statements about Gwen and the gang are FACT or CRAP, and you could win the right to call yourself the most Hella Good Investigator on the Web. Godspeed, geishas.


1. No Doubt was originally called Apple Core

2. Band founders Gwen and Eric Stefani are not actually related

3. Eric Stefani is an animator for The Simpsons

4. No Doubt had to release their first single independently after their debut album performed poorly on Interscope Records.

5. "Don't Speak" is No Doubt's most successful international single to date

6. No Doubt has employed 10 different brass musicians since the band formed in 1986

7. Gwen Stefani and bassist Tony Kanal dated for seven years

8. Tony Kanal has a vestigial third nipple

9. Gwen Stefani has a son named Zuma

10. Gwen Stefani is a natural blonde

11. Gwen Stefani was once kicked out of Japan for being too loud

12. Gwen Stefani owns her own clothing line called B.O.M.B. Apparel

13. Gwen's four Harajuku Girls represent her three fellow No Doubt members, plus the "Angel of Music"

14. The "Settle Down" video is based on Dekotora, a Japanese trucking subculture that crafts big rigs into art objects, because Gwen Stefani is weird like that

15. No Doubt is the first American band that music video director Sophie Muller ever worked with

16. No Doubt sued Activision because you can make Gwen Stefani sing in a dude's voice in Band Hero

17. The other members of No Doubt wrote and recorded half of the material on Push And Shove while Gwen was promoting The Sweet Escape

18. No Doubt recorded part of their new album in a pinball arcade

19. No Doubt will play "Settle Down" at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards

20. "Hollaback Girl" was the first digital download by any band to sell one million copies in the US


21. "Hollaback Girl" is a good song.

Write your responses in the comments section.

Answer key in 3…



1. Fact 2. Crap 3. Crap (he stopped doing that in 1998) 4. Fact 5. Fact 6. Fact 7. Fact 8. Crap (as far as we can tell)  9. Fact—Zume Nesta Rock Rossdale, to be precise 10. Crap 11. Crap 12. Crap - it's called L.A.M.B. 13. Crap 14. Fact 15. Crap 16. Fact 17. Crap 18. Fact 19. Fact 20. Fact 21. Eh.

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