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Comments and Login Are Temporarily Broken :'( [UPDATE]

Comments and Login Are Temporarily Broken :'( [UPDATE]

Your Sparkitors had a sweaty meltdown yesterday because no one was commenting. First we were in denial ("the Sparklers are on vacation. All of them. At once."). Then we were angry ("HOW DARE THEY?!? UNGRATEFUL WRETCHES! THEY DON'T DESERVE THEIR CROWNS!"). Bargaining quickly followed ("if they comment again, we'll give them anything! Rainbow crowns! Stars made of Pop-Tarts!"). Then depression set in (*sound of quiet weeping.*) But before we could get to acceptance, we discovered the real culprit:


Yes, Gary has struck again, temporarily rendering it impossible to log in and comment.

But fear not, Sparklers. Our tech whizzes are sharpening their Gary-prodding sticks and donning their Gary-proof body armor. We should be up and running soon. In the meantime, email us at! We miss you!

Update: as of 2:48 p.m., comments are working again! Huzzah! You shan't defeat us, Gary!

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