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Camp Electric: Day One

Camp Electric: Day One

Metalhead's back at Camp Electric—read up on the beginning of the series right here!

July 8, about 9:00 AM (T-minus 3 hours)
Location: I-40, a couple of hours from Nashville
Mood: About to explode with anticipation

I'm in the back of a Toyota Rav4 listening to Children 18:3. But nothing can take my mind off of camp. Check-in starts in three hours and I'm SO ready.

Let's take inventory of all the gear I'm bringing.
Guitar? Check.
Notebook? Check. (Duh, I'm writing in it right now.)
iPod? Check.
Merch money? Check.
Sunglasses? Check.
Cameras? Check.
Phone? Check.
Four copies of my demo? Check.
Extremely positive attitude? DOUBLE check!
I'm so ready! And I'm super excited about the demos. I burned four of them to take to camp and give away to teachers/artists/etc. Maybe I'll get signed to a label thanks to one of them. Wishful thinking, I know, but it's definite proof that I have the confidence pants to tackle anything. Including talking to girls.

Gotta goa good song just started playing and it requires headbanging. Later!

July 8, about 2:00
Location: By the fountain, Trevecca campus
Mood: Relaxed

So I'm here. I survived the drive, my parents are gone, and I'm just chilling.

Turns out I actually know some people here. I just got out of a very long conversation with Electra (orange haired girl from last year), WereNotSure (our fellow Sparkler who totally actually came to camp), and a guy I know from a church trip I went on last year. Cool, eh?

I'm in Johnson Hall this year. People say it's the best dorm on campus. I agreeit's clean, roomy, there are sinks in the rooms, clean showers, and all the good stuff. My roommate Sean is a pretty chill guy, too.

Tonight's concert is Fireflight. I'm not all that familiar with them, but the people here tell me they're pretty awesome. I'll write again after the show!

Still July 8, about 11 PM
Location: Dorm room, Johnson Hall
Mood: Soggy

Today was a whirlwind. A very wet whirlwind. I'll try to sum it up as coherently as I can...

We had our orientation today after some free time in which I got to meet one of the performers at camp, rapper KJ-52. He's a crazy awesome guy. He signed my CD (his latest one is called Dangerousget it! It's awesome!). The guy is 6-foot-2! It's crazy. He towers over EVERYONE. Except some of the 19-year-olds. Those dudes are TALL.

Orientation was pretty typical. They gave us the schedule and rules and the usual spiel about "if you do this we will tase you." Then we went to dinner (which is always delicious) and then to the concert hall.

Once we were all in and situated, KJ got the crowd hyped up performing his song "It's Going Down." He made us all jump and pump our fists. Good way to start a night.

Mikeschair, our worship band, played a few songs next. Pretty standard worship stuff like Chris Tomlin songsyou know, nothing special. Then Russ Lee from the band Newsong came up next and gave a little sermon. Pretty thought-provoking stuff, actually. He made us all think.

Then Fireflight came and we decided, "Why think? These guys rock."

Fireflight (check out their pic at the top of this post!) is a hard rock band made up of three guys and two girls. One of the girls is the lead singer, and she's really good. And they're loud and energetic, which are two of my favorite things. There was much fist-pumping, clapping, and shouting. We even got to see a crazy drum solo, and the band even came back for an encore.

Sadly, as it turns out, the band had to cancel the signing of autographs thanks to some insanely heavy rain outside. It's still raining now, actuallyI had to run all the way across campus to get back here. Smart of me to leave my umbrella in the dorm, right? I'm SOAKED. But hey, it was a great show, and now I'm really excited for tomorrow's set. KJ-52, Royal Tailor, and RED are all going to take the stage and tear things up.

I'm going to go wring out my socks now. Write again tomorrow!

Are you totally jealous of Metalhead's summer camp?

Post by Metalhead865! You can get the down-low on Camp Electric here.

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