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A Very Potter Senior Year is a Thing That's Happening!

A Very Potter Senior Year is a Thing That's Happening!

What I have to say is guaranteed to improve your day by approximately 89%. So whether you just found a dollar on the ground and your life's all rainbows and daisies or you just had a cavity filled and your day can only get better, here's the scoop: TeamStarKid just announced that A Very Potter Musical 3 IS INDEED HAPPENING, and they're calling it A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year. And they're doing it at LeakyCon. On August 11. Which is in less than a month. ISN'T THAT JUST FANTASTIC?!?!

...I'll give you a minute, in case your face fell off. Or if, like me, you're in need of a fresh pair of wizard shorts because the excitement was just too much and you're in a place that frowns upon public urination, which I think is most of them.

Is everyone here? Are we good with the wizard shorts? How are the faces? Good? EXCELLENT!

On Monday, Joey Richter Tweeted this: "Now I can give you a straight answer: yes, it's happening #AVP3D #AVPSY," whereupon there were shrieks and sobs and probably fireworks across the globe as people danced in the streets. Also, the Internet exploded.

NOT ONLY will the elusively famous Darren Criss be reprising his role as The Boy Who Lived (which I thought was just a crazy dream that would never become reality, given his Glee-ness), but just about every single Starkid will be there. EVERY SINGLE STARKID!... except for Bonnie Gruesen, who played Hermione in the first two. Her name isn't currently on the list and as far as I know, she's no longer with TeamStarKid, so I think we can pretty much count her out. I'm the kind of person that was disproportionately upset when two different actresses played Rachel Dawes in the Batman movies, so this bothers me slightly. Slightly, yes, not enough to stop me singing "Granger Danger" in that manic way that I do, despite the fact that everyone in this coffee shop doesn't seem to want to hear it.

Unlike their other performances, AVPSY will be what they refer to as a "staged reading." Not being familiar with theatre lingo, I can only hazard a guess that this will exclude costumes but include awesomeness to the power of ten.

They're only performing it ONCE at LeakyCon. That's it, forever. But fear not! I did some exhaustive research, because I am not content to sit idly by and let updates come to me, and Devin Lytle said on her tumblr that they definitely have not forgotten about the people that can't go to LeakyCon. They'll be recording everything and (I'm assuming) putting it all up on YouTube.

You've gone and done it now, TeamStarKid. You broke me with happiness. Do you see this weeping, pathetic mess of tears and singing? This is what I've become. This is all on you.


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