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A Day in the Life of a Frantic Sparkler Who Can't Log In

A Day in the Life of a Frantic Sparkler Who Can't Log In

I am super glad to hear that the login problems weren't just my laptop!!! I was crushed when I couldn't post comments on my favorite SparkLife posts!!!! Wait, I mean, it wasn't that big of a deal. *looks around guiltily* This is how the day went....

7:30: Wake up and check SparkLife. Then realize that I'm late for basketball practice. And RUN there.

10:00: Come home and read the latest Auntie SparkNotes post, then cry because I can't log in and post a comment.

11:00: Eat, breathe, and laugh at my Norwegian name. (Three VERY important things.)

11:30: Start FREAKING out because I needed to post comments, and NOW!!!!!

12:00: Start bargaining with the internet gods, telling them that I will do anything to log in to SparkNotes. Simultaneously curse the ERROR message I get when I try to log in.

12:30: Try to stop my self from checking the login every five seconds, to no avail.

12:45: Realize that it's going to be a long day.

12:46-1:30: Read random SparkLife pages, laugh at them.

1:30: Wonder if I could actually get away with an Australian accent.

2:00: Half an hour later, decide that an Australian accent just isn't one of my talents. But I'll keep talking in one for another hour.

3:00-6:00: Anxiety over the lack of login is building and I am now a wreck.

6:00: I crack, crying, screaming, and throwing things. People think I'm insane and are ready to admit me to a loony bin.

8:00: I throw the laptop I am currently on out the third story window and watch it smash into a million pieces. And then my dead dog (and fish, and cat, and guinea pig) come back to life. All the One Direction band members show up at my house. And the world explodes. AND THEN IMPLODES!!!!!

What do you mean, I'm exaggerating? All that stuff really happened! NO! NOT the nice men in the white coats!!!! AGGGHHHH Not the straight jacket!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO NIGHT-NIGHT!!!!!!

So you see, the login problems aren't a big deal!!!!


We're freaking out too, Sparklers! We can feel your pain, even though we can't read your comments!

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