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Pool Games for the Strong and Insane

Pool Games for the Strong and Insane

Summertime fun means trips to the pool. While you're there soaking up the sun be sure to play one of these totally real games. We guarantee endless hours of fun.

Dodge the Snot: A simple game where you find the kid with the infinite stream of boogers coming out of his nose.  Once you do, keep away from him! Whoever tells him to wipe his nose loses!

The Bath Game: Roll around in the dirt awhile. Once you're nice and soiled grab your rubber ducky, your scrub brush, and have yourself a bath right there in the pool. When people begin wondering what you're doing simply whistle your favorite tune. We recommend "Rubber Ducky" or "Splish Splash (I Was Taking a Bath)."

EXTREME Chicken Fights: We've all heard of chicken fights, where you climb up on the shoulders of partner and attempt to knock the other fighter off. Well, this is EXTREME Chicken Fights. Why stop at one pair of shoulders? Find a third dum-dum and put that person on top of a person who is already on top of a person. Whoa! You could even get creative. Use laser guns, lassos, or angry birds to knock your opponent off.  It's extreeeeeeme!!!

Cannonball Target: The key to this game is to not let your target know your about to cannonball right on top of them.

Make the Lifeguard Cry: When your skin starts pruning it's time to get out of the pool for a bit. Hit up the lifeguard's chair and really let 'em have it. First person to make them cry wins the game.

Puppy Dog Water Polo: Its water polo…with a puppy dog! Try to score, but first you gotta catch that silly puppy. Come back here, Freckles, it's 2 – 1 and we need a goal.

Solo Marco Polo: An easy game to keep you occupied for hours and hours. Shout out Marco to yourself while your eyes are closed and you are waving around the pool like a silly jerk. If someone yells Polo, stop playing. You win!

Jaws: The Game: Based on the original summer blockbuster this is a game where you lurk underwater and drag down unsuspecting swimmers. The more swimmers you get, the more points you score.

"I'm on Fire!": Pretend you're on fire…in the pool! How much fun??? People will try to put you out, but don't let them. That fire is hot and so are you!

Dangle Your Feet in the Water and Stare Creepily at Everyone Els: An old favorite…

What games do you play in the pool?

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