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Awkward Episode 3 "Three's a Crowd" Recap

Awkward Episode 3 "Three's a Crowd" Recap

Catch up on the Episode 2 recap right here, then read on for even more awkwardness!

The Scarlet B

For her first major campaign as Vice Prez, Val tries to knock out bullying by marking every bully with a scarlet B. Sadie gets her first about two seconds into the initiative (and is covered in them by the end of the episode) and even Tamera gets one when she sees Ricky kissing another girl and she freaks out on him in front of the whole school. Val, in an attempt to deal out consequences that fit her new authority, makes Tamara sign people up for the anti-bullying 5k she's running at the end of the week.

Third Wheel

Jenna's happier than ever with Jake, but every time they try to get a moment alone Matty is there subtly touching her butt,taking off his shirt to reveal quite a nice physique, even ending up with the couple in Jenna's family's new hot tub. Pretty soon Jenna's convinced that Matty's trying to sabotage her new relationship.

Fighting Words

Things aren't going any better with her parents' relationship. Since Jenna's mom came clean about the letter, her dad's been avoiding her, and her mom has been getting increasingly desperate for his affection. But all her efforts fail, because Jenna's dad sits her down to tell her he's moving in with his mom to get some space. Jenna goes into full on denial mode and drags his suitcase away, but it looks like he's not forgiving her mom anytime soon.


Sick of feeling like the third wheel in her own relationship, Jenna calls Matty out on the sabotage, but he claims she's crazy. Her shouting match with him earns her her a scarlet B and a mandatory slot in the 5k. With Matty claiming innocence, Jenna begins to consider what it must be like for him to be seeing less of his ex and his best friend, and apologizes for her accusations at the race. Sadie, however, isn't fooled by Matty's denial, and when she confronts him a sly smile proves he is trying to break Jenna and Jake up after all. Jenna's mom shows up at the race to tell her her dad officially moved out, and Jenna's sympathy leads to her partially forgiving her about the letter.

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