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The Friwards Go Double-Time

The Friwards Go Double-Time

Welcome to this week’s double Friwards, where we make up for last week’s non-existent Friwards by giving double awards to all the winners from this week and last week—which means you had to work extra hard to get your Friward!

What do you mean, a Double Friward means nothing? Of course it means something! It means that you have a glorious, shiny new Double Friward to hang on your virtual wall, which all others will stare at in virtual envy. Our research and development team has analyzed the situation in a very in-depth manner and concluded that envious parties will look something like this.

Yes, that is a non-disputable scientific fact. No, we’re not going to show you proof of our research. You’re just asking ‘cause you’re jealous, anyway.

Now, on to the Double-wards!

Happy Birthday to *Amadeus and WoodytheWoodChuck.

The Username of the Week Award goes to TheCheesyMustache.

The YOU WERE ALMOST FAMOUS Award goes to aab19 for this comment on the prom queen post:

“my school was chosen to be one of the 6 schools on this show...I was supposed to be one of the girls "in" the show but i declined. from this description, I'm glad I did. they assured us they wouldn't be looking to stir up drama at much for that.”

The Throw Salt Over Your Shoulder NOW Award goes to JMKhungergamesfan for this comment on the celeb superheroes post:

"And the Friday the 13th horror starts with the thought of Justine Beiber playing Robin . . ."

And LOL Points go to the following Sparklers for their comments...

CarolinaWren4 for her comment on the Fourth of July Fashion post:

“I've always wanted to start a post/comment with the words, "Back in the days when a Sparkler meant a rather lame firework..." Because that is just made of WIN.”

Charred_rose11 for her comment on the lefties post:

“Whenever I learn that one of my friends is a lefty, I'm surprised that I never knew. And then I promptly forget about it, and then I'm surprised again. I think I realized one of my poor friends was a lefty about 10 times before I finally remembered it.”

RavenclawMuggle for this comment on the JK Rowling post:

“"But what do you think, Litheads? Are you stoked?" I would be stoked to buy J.K. Rowling's grocery list. Believe me, I am practically peeing with excitement.”

Oldladyeuga for her comment on the Fifty Shades post:

“These books upset me greatly because my favorite book is Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. So now when people ask me my favorite book and I tell them they think I mean 50 Shades of Grey and their all like, "OH HO HO I didn't think you were the type!"”

Geronimoose for her comment on the Gyno post:

“I am TERRIFIED of things regarding my lady business. So naturally I thought, 'I need to read this article. This will be good for me.'

I got to the word "Q-tip" and started flailing about. MY INNOCENCE ISN'T READY FOR THIS!!”

VirginiaBFW17 for her comment on the first finalists post:

“I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat an Oreo again without thinking about their pain. O.O
I guess I'll have to learn to deal with the guilt. *om nom nom*”

XTheInvincible for this comment, which we totally sympathize with:

“Dear Uterus,
X the Invincible”

Scamp241 for this totally true comment on the fashion slideshow:

“At least no one will step on Emma Stone's feet while she's wearing those shoes.”

And to Mymagicshoes for this comment on the ESPY slideshow:

“You know you're a wierdo when you go through the whole slideshow trying to find a y-word other than "yogurt" and "yodeling" just to prove the writer wrong. And I did; "yellow" was hiding there! Did I miss anything?”

Congrats to the Friampions! Keep the comments coming!

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