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How to Throw an Olympics Party

How to Throw an Olympics Party

With just about two weeks to go, it’s time to start planning the most exclusive Olympics party EVER. Since we’re professional partiers, we’ve rounded up some ideas for a smashing bash (hey, that kind of goes with a British theme, don’t you think?).

Make “the list.” Since everyone needs an unobstructed view of the TV, you’re making this party extra exclusive. Decide who makes the cut. Then email an invitation, including links to inspiring Olympic videos to get your friends amped up and remind them how awesome these games are. Also consider linking to this because, well, why not?

Buy party themes and favors. To be honest, "The Olympics" is all the theme you need, but if you want, pick a certain facet of the games and run with it. Since the games are in London, you could throw a tea party. Since swimming is your favorite sport (or because you enjoy the sight of guys in Speedos), you could go that route. Or since the USA is awesome, you could tell everyone to go to Old Navy and get some legit (and cheapish) gear. Or everyone can represent different countries—someone has to have his grandpa's POLAND shirt lying around. Hang up different flags to give your basement a worldly flair. Consider stocking up on gold medals from a party store, and making your own Olympic torch from tinfoil.

Create the menu. Now that you know who’s coming, it’s time to figure out what you’ll eat, since edible stuff makes or breaks a party. Gorge on high-calorie food while you watch some of the most in-shape human beings on the planet dash, jump, and dive. Or, if you're going with a Brit theme, serve cucumber sandwiches, fish and chips, biscuits with chocolate, and an assortment of tea. If you’re all about being American, go with apple pie, hamburgers, and French fries. If you're using the all-around-the-world theme, have each person bring a dish from his/her country and do it up potluck style.

No matter what your theme, bake a cake with the Olympic rings. And you should probably have some Subway on hand, since Michael Phelps lives on that stuff.

Other odds and ends: Make a playlist. Fergie’s “London Bridge” is a must, as well as Queen’s“ We are the Champions.” Plan some games to break up the night—being glued to the TV will get boring! You can even have a few of your own Olympic events planned, like Twister, or who can eat the most hamburgers? Compete to see who can do a headstand the longest, or French kiss the best. Let the games begin!

How are you going to kick off your Olympics celebration?

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