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What Do You Think of the New "Prom Queens" TV Show?

What Do You Think of the New "Prom Queens" TV Show?

Because what television really needs is more reality TV shows, Lifetime is about to begin broadcasting a new series: Prom Queens.

And in case you weren't sure what this hard-hitting show is going to document, Lifetime says the show will "document the great social, financial and emotional lengths some girls go each spring by following the teens as they extensively strategize and campaign among fellow students."

Now, with that description, you'd think the show was about waging a war or running for president. Maybe it's just 'cause we went to a small school where there was no such thing as campaigning for prom queen, but doesn't this whole thing sound a bit ridiculous?

What do you think, Sparklers: does this sound awesome, terrible, or like just another guilty pleasure show?

[Via Huffpost]

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