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35 Free Associations about Carly Rae Jepsen's New "Good Time"

35 Free Associations about Carly Rae Jepsen's New "Good Time"

  1. Alright! New Carly Rae. Let's do this.
  2. Though, technically, this is an Owl City song, featuring Carly Rae Jepsen. That's a pretty solid decision, if you're a band who's gonna feature someone this summer.
  3. Hm. Pretty catchy.
  4. Does that strobing synthesizer hook remind anyone else of "Hello"?
  5. The guy who plinks his finger cymbal exactly one time after the first chorus is officially the luckiest underachiever since that dude who shouted "Shakira! Shakira!"
  6. Actually, I bet they just made that cymbal noise with ProTools.
  7. Somewhere on the streets right now is an out-of-work finger cymbalist holding up a cardboard sign that says "will ding for bling."
  8. Probably.
  9. This is probably Owl City's catchiest track since "Fireflies." That bodes well for his Midsummer Station album this August.
  10. This is probably Carly Rae's catchiest track since that one where she asks the guy to call her maybe.
  11. I think it's called, "The Girl who was Kind of Desperate."
  12. But it already looks like there's a bright future for "Good Time." It debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 this week at #18. Meanwhile, "Call Me Maybe" continues sitting pretty at #1 (it's been on the chart for 19 weeks.) It seems Carly Rae Jepsen's greatest foe might just be…herself [cue dramatic music.]
  13. Also, at the moment I'm writing this, "Good Time" has been on Soundcloud for 21 days and received 67,477 listens there. The song is about 3.5 minutes long. That means, as of this moment, it's been played a total of 236,169.5 minutes. That's the equivalent of about 3,936 hours, which is about 164 days. Which is like 8 times as long as this song has actually existed.
  14. Whoa. Music can time travel.
  15. I wonder if anyone's made a "Carly Rae Jetson" joke yet…
  16. Yeah, they have.
  17. What about "Carly Rae Jetpack"?
  18. Nice, can't find anything. Will one of you please meme-ify that? I don't care how. Send it in and we'll post it.
  19. Speaking of meme-ifying, two listens in and I'm still trying to find some Star Wars-related meme value here. Hmm…maybe, "Woke up on the bright side of Tatooine/ what's up with this princess molesting me?" And then there's a picture of Luke and Leia kissing! Yeah!!
  20. No. That sucks.
  21. Don't you think there's just something creepy about child choirs in popular music? I blame Pink Floyd.
  22. The child choir at the end of this song is especially creepy though, because it's preceded by Owl Bro's proposition "I'm in if you're down to get down tonight."
  23. Down for…what, exactly, dude? Down to watch "My Babysitter is a Vampire" and play Wii before mom makes me go sing the Dental Floss Is Magic song and zip up my jammies? Cause that sounds awesome, just make sure you have a ride home by 6:30.
  24. Carly Rae has nice teeth. I but she could write a song called "Dental Floss Is Magic."
  25. I bet Ke$ha could write a song called "Butt Floss Is Magic."
  26. I bet Lady Gaga has a dress made out of dental floss.
  27. I bet that, if Owl City was a real place, it'd be covered in poo.
  28. Haha...gross.
  29. Okay, how about, "Woke up on the wrong side of the force / Blew up Alderaan and showed no remorse," and then there's a picture of Vader with his arms crossed looking all street. YEAH!!!
  30. No.
  31. That's dumb.
  32. I hate myself.
  33. ...
  34. Oh, hey. Soundcloud user Rasyiid called this song "Owlsome :) ."
  35. I feel a little better now.
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