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10 Ways To Celebrate Comic-Con At Home

10 Ways To Celebrate Comic-Con At Home

So you couldn't get to San Diego this year for Comic-Con. BUMMER. Instead of mainlining Pocky while you obsessively check the Twitter feeds of your luckier friends, follow our steps and you'll feel like you're really there!

1. Invite your friends over to watch a superhero movie, then make them stand in line outside your house for at least three hours.

2. Forget breakfast, get too engrossed watching a livestream panel to eat lunch, then have your mom hide all the snacks in the house. Readily agree to give her twenty bucks for a fruit roll-up.

3. Walk out your front door and keep walking. Are you tired? Keep walking. Walk until you feel the heels of your socks disintegrate and blisters form on top of your blisters. Then keep walking.

4. Set up a massive Skype call with your cosplaying friends and show off your handiwork.

5. Grab that drawing your BFF gave you last year, print out your friend's most brilliant blog post, dig out the program from the play your sister stared in and get them to sign them, all the while gushing about how much you love their work.

6. Lord of the Rings marathon. The Hobbit trailer is premiering at the Con this year and you'll be missing all the shire costly. Plus, do you really need an excuse?

7. Two words: silly string. In honor of The Amazing Spider Man and because no matter what you do at home, you're not meeting Joss Whedon at the Con and you need some cheering up.

8. Find a local park or mall where people roam in fuzzy Sesame Street suits or Batman capes and ask them to pose with you for some photos.

9. Lightsaber fight. Bonus points if you can find the kind that light up and/or make realistic whooshing noises.

10. And if all else fails, mow some lawns, fill out a job application at Forever 21, and start searching for cheap flights to San Diego. Comic Con 2013 is only a year away.

What part of Comic Con are you most excited about?

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