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FACE-OFF: Spider-Man vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

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FACE-OFF: Spider-Man vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

It was inevitable that The Amazing Spider-Man was going to be compared to Spider-Man, which came out only a decade ago. But who knew there would be so many similarities? Here we let the movies battle it out, point-by-point. WARNING: SPOILERS!

Round One: The Bite.

Spider-Man: Peter is whisked away on a field trip where the fated spider silently lowers itself upon the unsuspecting teen.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Finding his dad’s old briefcase leads Peter to OsCorp, where he discovers a room of mutant spiders that rain down upon him.

Winner: Spider-Man. While the mystery of Peter’s parents in Amazing is a welcome addition to the origin story, it remains unresolved by the end. Spider-Man, however, never wastes a minute, as the spider bite is practically the first scene in the movie.

Round Two: The Mad Scientist

Spider-Man: Norman Osborn, fed up with red tape and bureaucracy, decides to test his enhancement formula on himself. Things do not go well.

Amazing: Curtis Connors, in an attempt to grow his arm back, uses a limb-regenerating reptile serum on himself. Things do not go well.

Winner: Amazing. While Rhys Ifans is no Willem Dafoe, he does have a sympathetic side that Osborn lacks. Overall, he’s a weaker villain but this round is about the scientist, not the monsters they become.

Round Three: Peter Discovers His Powers

Spider-Man: He sticks to things, he shoots off webbing, and he breaks up with his glasses.

Amazing: He sticks to things, he shoots off his mouth, and breaks everything made of glass.

Winner: Tie. Both movies play this for laughs and do it well.

Round Four: Uncle Ben’s Death

Spider-Man: Uncle Ben gets shot by an armed robber (or was it Sandman?) off-screen.

Amazing: Uncle Ben gets shot while trying to stop the armed robber that Peter had just let go.

Winner: Amazing. It’s definitely the right choice to show Ben’s death and not just the aftermath. Peter sees with his own eyes that, without powers or even youth, Ben was always willing to do the right thing.

Round Five: The First Kiss

Spider-Man: Spidey saves Mary Jane and she gives him an upside-down smooch in the rain before he swings away.

Amazing: Peter webs Gwen’s butt and twirls her around for a kiss before being interrupted by her mom.

Winner: Spider-Man. Sorry, Andrew and Emma. Tobey and Kirsten will always own “The Spider-Man Kiss.”

Round Six: The Dinner

Spider-Man: Peter Parker sits down to Thanksgiving dinner with Norman Osborn, unaware that their alter egos were fighting earlier that day.

Amazing: Captain Stacy sits down to dinner with Peter Parker, unaware that Peter’s alter ego is the vigilante he has been hunting.

Winner: Spider-Man. That Norman realizes Peter is his nemesis while sharpening knives gives this scene an edge over Amazing. You can’t beat that trademark Dafoe creepiness.

Round Seven: The New Yorkers

Spider-Man: New York stereotypes come to Spidey’s aide by throwing cans at the Green Goblin.

Amazing: New York stereotypes come to Spidey’s aide by syncing up their construction cranes.

Winner: Amazing. While both of these moments are a tad cheesy, the cranes lining up to give Spider-Man a clear path to the glowing OsCorp tower is much more visually stunning than say, watching people throw garbage.

Round Eight: The Promise

Spider-Man: As Norman dies from his wounds, he simply says, “Peter…don’t tell Harry,” before slumping over.

Amazing: As Captain Stacy dies from his wounds, he makes Peter promise to stay away from Gwen, for her sake.

Winner: Spider-Man. Brevity is the soul of wit. Norman’s three commanding words hit much harder than Captain Stacy’s gasping plea.

Round Nine: The Funeral

Spider-Man: At Norman’s funeral, Harry reveals his newfound hatred for Spider-Man and Mary Jane confesses her love for Peter, who rejects her.

Amazing: Peter watches Captain Stacy’s funeral from afar, honoring his wishes. Later, he hints to Gwen that the best promises are the ones you can’t keep.

Winner: Tie. To their credit, both movies end with very different Spider-Men. Tobey’s version wants no more blood on his hands. Andrew’s version is still cocky and self-centered which will surely cost him in the next movie.

Round Ten: The Lesson

Spider-Man: With great power, comes great responsibility.

Amazing: Be good.

Winner: Spider-Man. Duh-doi.

Which Spider-Man is your fave?

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