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Awkward Episode 2 "Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary" Recap

Awkward Episode 2 "Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary" Recap

Jenna's life isn't getting any less awkward.

Caught On Tape

High on her newly official relationship with Jake Jenna breezes into school hand in hand with her new BF only to get some seriously disturbing news: there's a camera trained on the sanctuary aka where Jenna and Matty had most of their sketchy hook-ups. Even worse, rumors are everywhere that instead of being watched exclusively my school officials and maybe a skeevy watchman, the footage is about to go viral.

What's Not Being Said

While Jenna sweats over the possibility that her Matty secret could reach most of the student body before it hits Jake, Jake is stressing over the mystery man (at least to him) that had hooked up with Jenna. Of course he's spilling his angst to his BFF Matty, who plays it cool until Jake reveals Jenna was in love with the mystery guy. Which leads to Matty make a declaration of love to Jenna in the parking lot. Because she needed more on her plate.

Secrets, Secrets Everywhere

Jenna enlists Ming's help to get the details about her appearance or lack there of on the tape by making her talk to the slightly-omniscient Asians. They agree, slightly creepily, to help. Meanwhile the vice principal begs Valerie to get her hands on the footage before anyone else can. Back at home Jenna's mom is trying to take the sting out of the uber-mean letter by making Jenna her favorite foods, such a blatant form of bribery it seriously ticks Jenna off. She tells her mom she won't out her evil deed to her dad, but makes it clear she's far from forgiven. In the end Jenna's mom comes clean to her dad, though his reaction is left for next week.

Your Secret's Safe with Me....For Now

Ming's connection gets her a CD of the footage, which has not even a sliver of Jenna. Relieved Jenna's ready to tell Jake, but he insists he doesn't want to know about the guy in her past, as long as she's only into him now. Valerie gets a hold of the footage and uses it to blackmail her way into the vice principals position, and Ming might just have accidentally joined the Asian mafia (gulp). Matty asks Jenna to met him at the sanctuary expecting to talk about his confession of love, only to get shot down. In the end he just asks she not tell Jake about them, afraid he could lose her and Jake if the truth comes out. So Jenna holds on to that particular truth for now, only telling Jake she isn't in love with mystery guy any more. But how long before the whole truth comes out?

What did you think of this weeks episode. Should Jenna tell Jake about Matty?

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