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The Best Movies on Netflix Instant

The Best Movies on Netflix Instant

Need a movie list to get you through the hot days of summer? Check out these amazing movies, all available on Netflix Instant!


The Fighter—Watch Christian Bale act really well, and watch Mark Wahlberg be a guy from Boston!

The Last of the Mohicans—No more Mohicans after this one!

Apocalypse Now Redux—Watch this extended version of possibly the greatest film about the Vietnam War ever. Oh man it’s good. We want to add this to every category.


Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey—Wonderful story about Elmo’s puppeteer, beautiful, if you have a soul you should enjoy this.

Man on Wire—A man tight rope walking between the World Trade Towers, interesting and good!

Dear Zachary: a Letter to a Son about His Father—Sad! So sad! Tears! Crying! Good-sad!

Winnebago Man—A documentary about the angriest man alive. Hear an old man swear all the time.


Wet Hot American Summer—As stupid and funny as you can get. Meaninglessly stupid. Wonderful.

Best in Show—Fake documentary about dog shows. Should I have put this under “Documentary”? I dunno. It’s getting harder to categorize.

Brian Regan: The Epitome of Hyperbole—Very funny, lighthearted stand-up.

Louie CK: Chewed Up—One of the greatest modern pieces of stand-up there is. Can get pretty dirty, but it’d be a crime not to recommend it.

Office Space—The classic comedy about working in an office. This is a very lackluster way to recommend it. Let us clarify: it’s ultra classic.

Apocalypse Now Redux—There. See? We told you it’d pop up.

Horror/Violent and stuff!

Fido—A charming movie in idyllic 1950’s suburbia about a boy and his pet zombie.

Hobo with a Shotgun—Quite possibly the best movie on here. It’s about a HOBO. With a SHOTGUN. Ultra violent but quite possibly ULTRA-GOOD.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil—A good twist on the horror movie genre. Very funny! None of these movies under "Horror" are really scary. Hmm.


Matilda—Little girl with mind powers! Angry lady who punishes children! Danny DeVito!

Labyrinth—David Bowie finding a way to scare children forever, also: puppets! Also: did we mention David Bowie?

The Iron Giant—Brad Bird’s (Incredibles, Simpsons, Mission Impossible 4) beautiful story about a boy and his giant, alien, weaponized robot with a heart of gold. The robot is voiced by Vin Diesel, because hey, why not?

Rango—Lizards and stuff. You remember the previews, it’s recent, and you know what it’s about.


Ip Man & Ip Man 2—The best martial arts movies we've seen in forever. Wonderful. Just all around the best movies on the list. Just watch them. Trust us.

Battle Royale—Ultra violent movie about kids being forced to murder one another by a corrupt totalitarian government in order to remind the masses of how powerless they are. Hunger Games before there was Hunger Games.

Let the Right One in—Again, this and the next could’ve gone with “Horror,” but there are subtitles. Charming story about young messed up boy and a little girl vampire. What Twilight could only hope to have been: good.

Dead Snow—Two words, you only need two words: Nazis. Zombies.

Oldboy—Amazingly messed up, not for faint of heart, but quite possibly the greatest revenge movie of all time. Most horrifying twist ending we can think of.

Action, Western, Superhero, Violent, I dunno, these are hard to classify

True Grit­— Coen Brothers! Old timey western talk! A plucky young lady!

Kick-Ass—Little girl who says a ton of swears! Also: funny.

Iron Man 2—Sassy superhero continues to be a sassy superhero. Tony Stark? More like, Tony Snark.

Thor—So recent. You must remember this one. Do we really need to explain it?

Drive—You’ll sit, wondering, “When does this get violent? I don’t think it will get violent.” Then it will get so violent you’ll gasp and go, “Oh man it got violent!” Also: good.

We Don’t Know, We Don’t Care, It’s Just a Good Movie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind—Jim Carrey in a dramatic role. Memories getting erased. Romantic. Sad-good.

The Game—Earlier Christopher Nolan movie that is mind-bending and good.

Memento—Earlier Christopher Nolan movie that is mind-bending and good.

Snatch— Earlier Christopher Nolan movie that is mind bending and good. (Note: this is not a Christopher Nolan movie, and not very mind-bending, but it is good.)

Brick—Film noir detective story set in a high school. This is what showed us just how awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be.

The Big Lebowski—This should be under comedy. Probably. Coen Brother’s classic that one of your friends constantly says you should watch.

Serenity—Joss Whedon! Space!

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog—Joss Whedon! Singin’!

Everything is Illuminated—Sad, funny, a guy looking in Ukraine for his family’s origins. Elijah Wood. Oh those big eyes.

Me You and Everyone We Know—Enjoyable and good. By this we mean that we haven’t seen it but was told to add it to the list. It’s supposed to be really good.

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