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Awesome Pixar Ladies Who Came Before Merida

Awesome Pixar Ladies Who Came Before Merida

Merida, the arrow-shooting heroine of Brave has been getting a lot of credit for being the first female protagonist in a Pixar movie. While she is the first lady to lead, there have been a ton of supporting girls that deserve their do. Here are a few of the women of Pixar that scream girl power.

Ellie from Up: From the adorable little girl with the crazy hair screeching, "adventure is out there," to the old woman who wanted her husband to keep on adventuring even after she was gone, Ellie was such a powerful character it was totally plausible that she would inspire house-dragging devotion.

Dot from A Bug's Life: Dot is the one who has faith in Flick to fight the grasshoppers even when he doesn't, making sure the entire rebellion happens. Pretty good for a baby ant.

Dory from Finding Nemo: I can't even begin to count how many situations Dory's song of perseverance has gotten me through. Big test, working up the nerve to talk to a crush, walking past a giant growling dog that may or may not be within an electric fence? Just keep swimming.

Jessie from Toy Story 2: A poster girl for optimism in the face of heartbreak, Jessie is willing to let herself love again even after her previous owner left her in a junk pile (a sob-inducing story every time). That's brave.

Helen Parr from The Incredibles: Helen is the one who holds her superhero family together, whether it's through doling out sage advice or physically holding them together with her super stretchy arms.

Eve from Wall-E: With lovely but love-struck Wall-E wandering around concerned only with making cute romantic gestures, Eve is the one who has to keep a level head and think about her mission. Of course she also has the sense to give into his courting eventually.

Who's your favorite Pixar woman?

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