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5 New Spells Harry Potter Casts in This Slow Club Music Video

5 New Spells Harry Potter Casts in This Slow Club Music Video

UK chill-pop duo Slow Club put out their excellent new album, Paradise, last September, and since then they've earned some high-flying supporters. Number one among them: Jesus Wizard, Harry Potter (who for some reason prefers to be called Daniel Radcliffe).

Last week Radcliffe starred in Slow Club's new video for "Beginners," which was shot in a single impressive take in a London pub and casts the boy spellslinger in a different sort of fight for survival. This time his enemy lives at the bottom of a bottle, and not on the back of some creepy teach's scalp. Still, DanRad finds trouble shaking his wizarding ways. Read below the vid for five brand-new spells you can catch him casting throughout his four-minute performance:

1. Kahlua Kedavra: A long-term killing curse that targets the liver and kidneys with sweet, sweet poison.

2. Fender Simulacrum: The intermediate air-guitar charm.

3. Dadrock Apparel: A cosmetic spell that induces button-up flower-print shirts, especially useful on targets who are not 40-year-old insurance salesmen on vacay in Maui.

4. Emo Gesticulor: One of several neuro-chemical curses that causes the subject to gently weep, strike nearby poles and/or mirrors in impotent rage, and, in severe cases, rake sweaty bangs dramatically across the forehead or Ray Bans.

5. Career Sustainum: A powerful spell that prolongs acting work after the Harry Potter franchise.

Whattaya think, wizzlers? We say "Beginners" is a pretty admirable retort to Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" video, which saw a stalkalicious Rupert Grint casting his heartiest version of Creepo Ejectum last year. Now if only Emma Watson would fulfill her hot pink destiny and team up with Nicki Minaj.

What other spells did you notice in "Beginners"? Did you dig Slow Club?

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