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10 Movie Musicals To Watch While You Wait For Les Miserables

10 Movie Musicals To Watch While You Wait For Les Miserables

Movie teasers and trailers are a double edged sword. Sure they give you a little taste of the movie you've been waiting for since it was just a rumor, but they also make the days between now and the premiere  so much longer. So now that the Les Miserables teaser trailer has let us hear a little "I Dreamed a Dream" December 14th just seems further away. Here are ten musical movies to hold you over.

1. The Sound of Music

Possibly a harder sell than more recent musicals with less adorable children singing about whiskers on kittens, The Sound of Music is a lot more than a collection of songs you heard sung at elementary school talent shows. There's crafty nuns, daring escapes in the face of Nazis, true love, and wacky goat puppets.


La Vie Boheme.

3. Across the Universe

Come for the unique arrangement and music video style send up of Beatles songs, stay for the cute guy with the British accent singing love songs.

4. Sweeney Todd

If you like your musicals without a hint of sunshine or possibility of happy endings, Sweeney Todd is just the shadowed, blood soaked film for you. Just be forewarned, the most hum-able tune is about cannibalism, so you might find yourself absentmindedly singing about people-pies for days.

5.  Moulin Rouge

So many love songs, so many mixed signals, so much uncontrollable sobbing (the last one is the audience more than the cast).

6. The Phantom of the Opera

If you're looking for a swoon-inducing musical-movie, you can't do much better than The Phantom of the Opera. Plenty of declarations of love and devotion set to swelling strings, not to mention a pretty serious meet cute. It's also worth it to drag your brother into the room and point out the guy belting an Andrew Lloyd Webber song is also the lead from 300.

7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you need a reason to check out the cult classic besides an excuse to do the time warp and see Tim Curry in some extremely well-executed drag, you'll need a little background on the movie to fully enjoy the upcoming The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In Perks, the introverted main character lets loose at midnight showings of the movie.

8. Funny Girl

If you've ever wondered where all those Glee songs Rachel wails are from, you can find a ton of them in this Barbra Streisand classic. Ms Berry's rendition of "Don't Rain on My Parade" was great, but nothing compared to the original. Plus, she didn't get to sing it dramatically on a boat.

9. Grease

The superior high school movie, a viewing really merits a sing-a-long sleepover. In addition to having "Summer Loving"  stuck in your head for the rest of the summer, watching it might result in a burning desire for tight leather pants. You've been warned.

10. Into the Woods

Technically just a taping of the original stage production, this seriously dark take on fairy tales is  in the works to be remade into yet another movie musical and it's always a good idea to see the original first.

Do you have any favorite movie musicals that didn't make the list?

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