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The Friday Awards (Irish Style)

The Friday Awards (Irish Style)

Sparklers, oi confess: instead av writin' de next part in our explorashun av de Sparknotes dungeons, oi searched de web ter fend dis text translator instead. But 'ey, whaich is more awesome: readin' de Froiday Awards in an Oirish accent, or findin' oyt whether or not we al' got eaten by de Sparknotes dragon?

That's waaat oi tart. In any case, de Froiday Awards 'ill go on a brief 'iatus next week, but dat jist means double de craic (note: apparently, craic means fun) de week after!

Nigh, on ter de Froiday awards.

'appy Birthday to…. Princess_Spellcheck, monokerous, PsuedoHobbit, and crimsonandclover23.

Congrats for bein' smart an' decodin' de code go ter IsThisRealLife, awesomenesslyness, wallflower19, CarolinaWren4, KnockKnockKnockPenny, OboePenguin, Sydney8771, and MaryWilliameTaraneeChristine.

The Daawwwww Award goes ter This-Is-Not-A-Pipe for her comment on this Auntie post:

“The hotlines and websites that Auntie has listed are professional places where people are trained to talk to others. But I think that Auntie forgot one place: THE SPARKLIFE COMMUNITY! I think that everyone here would be more than welcome to help another sparkler, or anyone, out in a time of despair. Whether it is getting assistance from a professional who can further help, or just merely talking, we are always here for one another. Am I right guys?”

Laugh Oyt Loud Points go ter...

InvaderMav for 'is comment:

“If towels could talk, there would be lot of odd court cases involving the towel not consenting...”

Katt223 for 'er comment on the pencil post:

“You people clearly have no idea how to deal with elves. If you aid them in their search for food by sneaking the junk food to your room, they will in turn treat you kindly. You will be walking down the hallway one day, mourning your lack of a writing utensil, and lo! A sharp, yellow Dixon-Ticonderoga! A purple pen filled to the brim with ink! The Pencil Elves are a kindly and generous specimen of the fair folk.”

WoodytheWoodChuck for this comment on the flip-flops post, whaich actually made us LOL:

“I love flip flops so much I wear them around my house just for fun, I wear them in public, and I wear them even to my grandma's house. Now replace the word flip flops with thongs... oh now we are talking about something completely different... and slightly disturbing.”

Fluffygirl236 for this comment on der 'uggin' post:

“Thank you for this very insightful post, Sparkler. I myself have been recently diagnosed with a common disorder plaguing young teenagers across the world- RLHS, or Really Lame Hugging Syndrome. Living day to day with this condition gets hard, I won't lie, but it's posts like these that get me through the bad times. I am learning, under extensive therapy, not to smush binders or small dogs between a hug. I'm learning about the no-molesting rule. Most importantly, I'm learning that you can't hug someone with your face. That is not how it works. So thank you for the help, Sparkler! If anyone would like to donate to the RLHS fund for Awkward Teenagers, please call 1-800-WEFAILATLIFE. Thank you for your consideration.”

AugustnotApril for her comment on the Russian names post:

“Oh, I know how you get your villan name! It's the color of your car + something you fear

Mine would be the Silver Mascot

Mascots are terrifying!”

(Plus 'onorable menshun LOL points ter al' de Sparklers who replied.)

AwesomePossum214 for 'er comment here:

“One time I want Jenny to say something like, ‘Yes, I got this item on my intergalactic quest to find the rare koala flower.’”

thePurpleRavenclaw for this comment on der charm bracelet post:

“I was keeping the bottled tears of my rivals on a chain around my neck... is that ok?” with the follow-up “You know what, I'll just put them in my fridge instead. They keep better that way.”

Caracupcakes for her comment on the freeze post:

“ you mean to tell me that one cannot professionally eat donuts?! Ugh. I guess I have some thinking to do....”

Congratulashuns ter al' de friampions!

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