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SPIDER-MAN WEEK: Empire State Building Lighting

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SPIDER-MAN WEEK: Empire State Building Lighting

Just when you thought your anticipation for the new Spider-man franchise with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone couldn't be high enough, they launch "Spider-man Week". That's right: one whole week with the cast dedicated to events of Spidey awesomeness deliberately intended to get you even MORE pumped about this thing.

Did I mention that at one of the events Emma Stone would be in attendance? That raised our feelings from "excited" to an emotion of such freaking elation that there aren't enough letters in the word "elation" to show just how elated we were. That's why we had to make up a new word, "fjordhilgy", to describe it.

The event in question was a lighting ceremony at the Empire State Building, where the cast would meet to pull a lever officially turning one of the world's most iconic buildings a lovely Spider-man red and blue. The event was also designed to raise awareness and get people to "stand up and fight cancer".

It was a great cause, a lovely photo opportunity, and... Emma Stone was there. So all in all, we were happy to give the ceremony the stamp of approval.

I also got to meet Dan Slott, the current writer of The Amazing Spider-Man. He was kind enough to talk to us for a bit about the event and his thoughts on Spidey, and also gave us a couple of cool pictures to share with you, faithful readers (seen above).

In one issue that Dan wrote, Spider-man saved New York City and they lit the Empire State Building to thank him. We asked Dan where he got the inspiration for this moment.

"I would always walk by and see [the Empire State Building] was lit up in different colors and I'd ask myself, 'Why is it green and yellow tonight?'" said Slott. He learned that the colors were usually in celebration of different causes and anniversaries. When Spider-man saved New York City, he had his chance to turn the building red and blue.

"It was the first time it had ever been done in a comic book", he said.

When I asked Slott what made Spider-man special, he didn't hesitate at all before saying "Because he's a New Yorker through and through, and every New Yorker is secretly a superhero."

Safe to say, we were completely fjordhilgy at this point.

What other great moments from comic books would you like to see brought to life like this?

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