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How to Plan an Awesome Fourth With Your SO

How to Plan an Awesome Fourth With Your SO

While the 4th is a day when we celebrate American’s independence, for romantics all over the country, it's just another reminder of how CO-DEPENDENT significant others are. SO’s plan dinners, movie dates, mini-golf outings, ice cream runs, and even bedtimes around each other, so holidays are no exception. In fact, you must do something with your SO on the 4th, and it better not be super cheesy. How should you enjoy your independence from singledom this 4th? We have some ideas—and all of them end with groping as you watch fireworks. Let un-freedom ring!

Call your group of friends. See what your friends are doing on the 4th. Single or not, they will likely be having friends over to their pool, heading to the beach, or BBQ-ing. Maybe you and your partner can tag along.

Make a playlist. This summer holiday needs a kick-butt soundtrack to make you feel like you're starring in a movie montage. There you are slurping on ice cream, checking out the local carnival, eating cotton candy, biking to the fireworks at the beach, sitting under the stars on your blanket, and holding each other in firework anticipation, all to the tune of Katy Perry’s “Firework,” Miley’s “Party in the USA,” Kid Rock’s “ All Summer Long,” and of course, Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

Get patriotic. Wanna give your SO a little flair for the holidays? Bestow a gift that is both practical and patriotic. Head to Old Navy for stars and stripes to adorn your chest and booty. Or find something a little different. Whatever you end up with, nothing says America like a cute girl in a flag bikini. Bonus points if you wear the bikini to run through a sprinkler with your BF.

Pack up. After attending your town’s 4th of July parade, take your SO to the park for some one-on-one time and a great picnic. Plan ahead and bring all-America goods to snack on, like Coke in old timey glass bottles, ham and cheese sandwiches, and a piece of apple pie. Later, fill up on grilled food when you make your SO attend your weird aunt’s yard party.

Get cuddly. For the fireworks, you can join other people at the beach or the park. Or you can find your own private spot—maybe you can see the fireworks from your own yard. Set up a little viewing party (mocktinis prepared in advance would make this even more cool!). Make it cozy with pillows and your favorite blanket. Light up a few sparklers and have fun. Then spend the next 30 minutes holding each other under the lights shimmering in the sky. Hold hands and take turns reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to each other—because that kind of commitment is totally hot!

How are you planning to spend the 4th? Will you be cuddling with your SO or running through a sprinkler with your friends? We wanna know what you are doing so we can join!

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