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Awkward Episode 1 "Resolutions" Recap

Awkward Episode 1 "Resolutions" Recap

Rejoice because Awkward is back! Now we can once again enjoy Crazy guidance counselor being crazy, Sadie saying "you're welcome," and Jenna's face freezing as she encounters all the extremely awkward situations in her life. Its return is so exciting we're even willing to forgive the fact the first few minutes were in The Night Before Christmas-style verse.

Awkward Christmas Gifts

It's Christmas, which means lots of presents, but it's Jenna Hamilton's Christmas, meaning none of the presents make sense. From Jake, she gets a Facebook relationship status request. He literally refers to that as her Christmas present. Jenna's already had to deal with being a secret hook-up and now her boyfriend thinks going public is a gift for her? This isn't quite as awkward as the giant box of condoms her dad gives her. Wrapped up, under the tree, and so big it must have been special ordered.

Privacy Settings

Now that Jenna knows the mean anonymous letter she got before her accident actually came from her mom, Awkward needs another "who said it" mystery. This time it's a commenter on her blog, which spells out her most secret thoughts under the title I Am Jenna and somehow wasn't set to private. Come on people, watch a Lifetime movie, watch an after school special, stuff on the Internet gets around. So it's shocking how shocked Jenna is when the public blog she thought no one reads got an encouraging comment, "Shake it off, everything is going your way," followed quickly by the more thought provoking, "what's left to be resolved?"

Too Much Of a Good Thing

On the plus side, Jenna finally has a date for New Year's Eve. On the totally awkward side the party is at Matty's, her secret ex-boyfriend who she still kind of has a thing for. At first it looks like Matty is over her, but once they're alone he admits he wants another chance, asking her to meet him at midnight so they can start over. Jenna's confused, conflicted, and stalling by looking for a non-existent cat, but after a heart to heart with her guidance counselor (which consists mostly of Jenna comforting her about her relationship woes), Jenna decides to kiss Jake at midnight, leaving Matty sad, alone, and very drunk in the basement.

And the Other Players

After Lissa tells Sadie she won't be her sidekick anymore Sadie wanders down to the basement finding a sad and sloppy Matty. At first he tries to complain about his Jenna-induced heartache but she stops him, confessing her long-standing crush on him. They start making out, and just as it looks like things might go even further, Matty passes out cold. Upstairs Tamara decides to forgive Ricky for possibly lying about his Christmas break whereabouts after his grandma backs him up, and Sadie's confidence in her kissing skills is restored when she comes up from the basement and basically attacks Ricky with her lips, leaving him satisfyingly speechless.

Out in the Open

Beneath a twinkling Christmas tree and by the mammoth box of condoms, Jenna tells Jake she's been in love and had need for the condoms before. At first the knowledge he wasn't the first guy in her life looks like it might be a deal breaker, but Jake insists he's "all in," convincing Jenna to accept his request and make them Facebook official. She also decides to confront her mom about the letter, giving her back the original with "this is who you are" scrawled on the back. Super awkward.

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