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We're Giving Away Signed Maroon 5 Art: Enter the Sweeps and Read the Album Review!

We're Giving Away Signed Maroon 5 Art: Enter the Sweeps and Read the Album Review!

Good news: Maroon 5 put out their fourth, hook-tastic album this week!

Even better news: We're giving away Maroon 5 artwork SIGNED BY THE BAND, as well as a copy of the new album, Overexposed! You can click here to enter for a chance to win.

If you haven't actively listened to the club pop droppings of Adam Levine and co. over the past few years, chances are they've still managed to cop some brainwidth on your mindPod. Levine and his forearm tattoos are among the more eye-catching judges on NBC's primetime pop singing pageant, The Voice, but you needn't have ever seen his inky mug to know which Rolling Stone he's reportedly Got The Moves Like.

You wont find it on Overexposed, but last year's pandemic re-release of "Moves Like Jagger" serves as both a mission statement and a brilliant, world/web-wide marketing campaign for the band's new viral-pop trajectory. That insatiable hook and Aguilera cameo officially mark the end of Maroon 5: groovy pop-rock family and prep us listeners for the impending reign of Maroon 5: radio dance behemoth with the head of Adam Levine and a body of a thousand wriggling producers. And, you know, that's just fine.

Levine & bros aren't hiding any of their intentions in the title of Overexposed: They want these tunes to be inescapable to the point of excess. This feast of smirking earworms relies more heavily on a (pretty legit) roster of about 18 guest producers and walk-ons than it does on the instrumental stylings of Levine's fellow Maroons, kicking off right away with the Shellback-produced "One More Night."  The beatmaker responsible for that whistling hook from "Jagger" must've got all our letters demanding "more infectious gibberish!" because the album's opening blast of auto-tuned whooing is a tough to get out of one's head, even as we move into "Payphone" singles country and beyond.

Wubs and whirrs blast through the background of "Tickets" and the Ryan Tedder-produced "Lucky Strike," each serving up a helping of dancefloor-perfect choruses (even before the 73 billion remixes they'll likely receive). "Doin Dirt," another Shellback show-stealer, pops with disco howls and shimmery synth embellishments in the album's final huff of club pulse before an acoustic outro.

There are a few less dance-y, catchy tunes mid-album, which remind us that Adam Levine is a more compelling frontman when he's boasting about his moves and/or bod and/or healthy sexual appetite like Jagger instead of waxing all Drake-like about the wages of physical and emotional exposure. But we're not complaining. A hook is a hook, and Maroon 5's got that down right.

Enter for a chance to win the new album and signed artwork HERE!

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