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College Questions You Need to Ask Your BFF's Older Brother

College Questions You Need to Ask Your BFF's Older Brother

Now that June is almost over, reality is sinking in: you'll be heading off to college in just one month. We know you're dying with excitement. You've made five trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need for your dorm. You ordered notebooks with the school emblem emblazoned on the front. Oh, and you checked to see if you could register for classes for spring semester. Clearly, you are someone who likes to prepare, and that's a good thing.

But you can't be truly ready until you've gotten firsthand info on what college is like from someone who's been there. Therefore, you must find someone who goes to the school you are about to attend and interrogate him like a guilty guy on "Law and Order: SVU."  Go head, stalk on Facebook and find out if your coworker, cousin, or friend's hot older brother is your fellow student. Then, launch into the list of questions below and prepare to be even more prepared for college than you already are—if that is even possible.

  • Where does the dorm I got placed in rank on the social ladder? Am I in the nerdy dorm that's essentially "study city," or the kind of dorm where people stay up all night?
  • What coffee shop do all the hipsters go to do their homework?
  • Where do you like to study? Is there a good place with a view or an ice cream stand nearby?
  • What’s the easiest science class? I thought I heard something about "Rocks for Jocks" in the Geology department, but I didn't see it listed in the course guide.
  • How did you make friends during your first year? Did you join some sort of club to meet people, or just send random people Facebook messages?
  • How big is Greek life on campus? Does everyone on campus pay for their friends, or will I be OK with just being a regular person?
  • Where do people go on the weekends? And am I supposed to have a fake ID to get into said places? Am I trying too hard to be cool?
  • Do you go to all your classes? Are the notes available online?
  • What sports team should I try to get season tickets to? Is our school the kind of place where I will be wearing our mascot on my sweatpants?
  • Where's the best place to grab a cheap sandwich? I figure I will be doing that a lot, since I can barely boil water.
  • Will I get into the honors program? What will help my application? Do you get a cuter rope to wear around your neck when you graduate?
  • Where's a cool place on campus to get a part-time job? Does the student union have a work study program?
  • What do kids wear to class? Should I return my wedge-style Toms or will the girls from NYC appreciate them?
  • Where’s the best place on campus to take an incognito poop?
  • Will you take me on a tour of classes once I get my schedule? Since you're my friend's older brother, I totes wanna be your new "study buddy."

What kind of questions do you have about college? Let us know and maybe some you will get some answers!

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