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We Interview Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Stars of The Amazing Spider-Man!

One of the great lines from Spider-Man is “With great power comes great responsibility.” Now that you’ve won a Trailblazer Award, do you feel that responsibility to younger kids?

Emma Stone:

I will say—and I could talk about this for a long time—I don’t in any way, shape, or form, think that I am any type of a role model or anything like that. But I think for whatever reason that when you’re put in a public place you have to figure out what that purpose is in your life or why that may have happened or what you can possibly do with something like that.

And I’m not political, and I’m not going to talk about those kinds of things, and I know that that’s never going to be my job as an actor to be championing any specific cause—except for originality. That’s the one thing that I identify with as maybe part of my responsibility per se—and I know it’s not my responsibility and I know all of that.

But I um, there’s something that came with getting a Revlon contract, actually, when they approached me for a Revlon contract, and I thought, “Why in the world would I be approached for a beauty campaign?” Because I had always been the funny girl, and that’s not to put myself down, it’s just that’s always the way that my brain worked, and then I thought about Diane Keaton for L’Oreal and Ellen DeGeneres for Covergirl, and how sometimes real beauty gets to be celebrated. Like, what’s inside is what counts, and you can still feel beautiful or put makeup on, but because it makes you feel good and not for anybody else.

And that was something that I was like, if I have an opportunity to possibly reach people or reach young girls in a way that makes them feel like what they are is enough, and what those elements of their personality that set them apart and make them original, if they feel good about that, in any way, if that effects one person, then that’s a game changer.

That’s something that I’m proud to be helpful in any way of, of looking real, or being a real person. Obviously I have a stylist that puts me in clothes like this, and I have a hair and makeup artist that are doing those kinds of things, so there’s, you know, all of that going on. And I’m not eloquent right now, at all, but yeah, I do feel a slight, not responsibility but a privilege, to be able to speak to younger girls and hopefully make them feel like it’s okay to be themselves.
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