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Things You Shouldn't Put on Your Charm Bracelet

Things You Shouldn't Put on Your Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are sparkly, jingly fun. You wanna throw a cute little enamel kitty on that charm bracelet? Go nuts. Just make sure you avoid these potentially hazardous doodads:

  • jewelry that accidentally looks like boobs and butts
  • anything that was once a whole (or part of a) live (or dead) animal
  • a tiny katana, razor wire, or something equally stabby
  • that stupid Hope diamond your grandma left you or whatever
  • a vial containing the tears of your rivals
  • the mini print-out of your social security number, mother's maiden name, and blood type
  • the smoking mirror that summons the god Tezcatlipoca, the "Enemy of Both Sides"
  • dinner leftovers you might snack on later
  • your Inception totem
  • a glass sample pack of cholera, polio, ebola, smallpox, and the Black Plague
  • your soul
  • leeches
  • a ransom note you just happened to find
  • the single word that undoes space and time as we know it
  • mementos from your most recent surgery
  • a non-Newtonian liquid
  • a live hornet
  • a car air freshener
  • that wood nymph you captured
  • amethysts

What's on your charm bracelet?

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