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What's Your Russian Name?

What's Your Russian Name?

As you may (or may not) remember, I recently wrote a post called “What’s Your Hungarian Name?” Whilst reading the comments, I noticed Painogirrl mention her future career as a Russian spy. Who doesn’t want to a Russian spy? Nobody, that's who! But you can’t pass for a Russian spy with a name like Jeffery Eugene Wilkinson or Barbara Ann Jameson . Lucky for you wannbe spies, I have created this handy like Russian Name Maker. Just follow the steps, get your Russian name, and spy away!

And remember, the name are boy/girl!

1. First Name: Choose the surname that corresponds with the type of pet you have (if more than one, chose the one you lurv best).

Cat: Sergei/Anastasia

Dog: Dmitri/Yana

Potato: Oleg/Yulia

Fish: Ivan/ Maria

Bird: Sasha/Tatiana

Dragon: Andrei/Olga

Elephant: Vladmir/Tanya

Koala: Konstantin/Nastya

Lizard/Snake: Boris/Polina

Mouse/Gerbil/Other Rodent: Leo/Svetlana

Rock: Mikhail/Dasha

Other: Maxim/Oksana

None: Victor/Alyona

2. Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds with the color of your shirt.

White: Evegnei/Yulya

Black: Alexei/Veronika

Red: Kolya/Ekaterina

Blue: Anton/ Dinara

Yellow: Artem/Valentina

Green: Roman/Ana

Orange: Yuri/Vika

Grey: Misha/Olesya

Purple: Igor/Evgenia

Pink: Gleb/Amina

Multi: Raoul/Guzel

None: Vova/Inna

3. Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds with the month your dad was born. (For girls, add an “a” onto the end of the surname.)

January: Ershov

February: Ivanov

March: Smirnov

April: Kozlov

May: Popov

June: Lebedev

July: Morozov

August: Kamenev

September: Petrov

October: Solovyov

November: Markov

December: Pavlov

What's your Russian Name?

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