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A Day In The Life Of a Rural Canadian Student

A Day In The Life Of a Rural Canadian Student

I feel like it's important to get this straight: just because I'm Canadian does not mean I eat poutine every day, end every sentence in "Eh?" or live in an igloo. I live a (fairly) normal life in my teeny tiny town, going to my teeny tiny school with my teeny tiny group of friends. And I have a lot of fun doing it, too! This is what a regular day in my life is like:

7 AM: My mom comes and wakes me up. She drags me to the bathroom, where I shower, brush my teeth, etc.

7:50 AM: My mom screams down the stairs "WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG!" I take a couple minutes longer getting dressed and then head upstairs. I pack my lunch with veggies, candy, and chocolate and grab my iPad.

8:20 AM: Catch the school bus with my sister and sit with one of my buddies.

8:40 AM: Arrive at school. Now I put my stuff in my locker, socialize with my classmates (all seven of them), and get ready for the day. Yes, you read that right, the entire 9th grade consists of seven (7) students. Four girls, three boys. We share a close bond. As we go to homeroom, "O Canada" plays over the PA and morning announcements begin. Ooh! Today is pizza day at the canteen! Good thing I brought my money!

8:50 AM: The first block of classes starts. I have double L.A. (Language Arts, or for you Americans, English) with the most evil, emotionally scarring teacher in the world. It's a mixed class, which means the grade 9s have to take this class with the grade 8s, which is a little bit weird. Soon, class begin, and I try to hide near the back of the classroom. Today it works, and she picks on the students who got here late and ended up at the front of the classroom.

10:10 AM: Morning break. For the elementary students, recess. Oh, did I forget to mention the my school is Kindergarten-Grade 12? During breaks the junior high (Grades 7-9) and senior high (Grades 10-12) get full reign of the interior of the school and the high school outdoor sports area, while the little kids are confined to the area of the playground.

10:25 AM: The second block of classes starts. First I have 40 minutes of P.E., then I have the first of two math classes. In P.E. we play baseball with the grade 8s. In math class, we are currently covering some kind of geometry. I don't really pay attention to the teacher, as I finished this whole page yesterday, but it's hard to slack off in a class of 7.

11:45 AM: Lunch! I buy my piece of pizza and eat in the cafeteria with my friends. This cafeteria is shared by the junior high and high school, who amount to around 60 students. Still, it's crowded.

12 PM: This is what the elementary students call lunch recess. Us much more refined junior high/high school students call it simply "Lunch." For this 20-minute block you get to choose between hanging out in the cafeteria, playing sports outside, doing intramural sports in the gymnasium, practising instruments in the music room, or hanging out by the lockers. I go to the music room and practise my violin.

12:20 PM: The third block of the day. First we have French class. This is also combined 8/9. By the end of class, I am bored out of my mind. Then we have Science. This class can go one of two ways. We can either take notes, then do questions out of the textbook while everyone tries to ask the teacher what the answers are, or we can be so far ahead in the curriculum that we go to the lab and do chem experiments for fun. Which is super exciting, since I looooove science.

1:40 PM: The third break of the day. I choose to spend this one chatting with my friends.

1:55 PM: The last block of the day. First we have 40 minutes of social, in which we take notes on the Canadian economy. It's kind of interesting actually, and I learn a lot. Then we have our last period, math. "But wait," you're thinking. "Didn't you have math earlier?" Yes. We have two math periods, each at two completely different points of the day. It makes things kinda difficult.

3:15 PM: Freedom at last! We pack up our things and head home on the bus. I go home and head directly onto SparkLife to read an article or two, then I do my home work after supper.

10 PM: Time to go to bed, so I can get up in the morning and do it all again...

Recap: My school day is around 50% learning, 30% just sitting there pretending I'm learning, 15% hanging out and 5% eating. My favourite part? Definitely the hanging out!

What's your school day like?

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