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Let's All Talk About the Weirdest News Story Ever

Let's All Talk About the Weirdest News Story Ever

Sparklers, this story is so weird that we're not really sure what to say about it, so we're just going to (try) to explain what happened:

Kaytlen, a 13-year-old teen in Utah, was recently brought to court... for cutting off a toddler's hair. Kaytlen and an anonymous 11-year-old were apparently hanging out in a McDonald's, where they befriended a 3-year-old with what we can only assume were long, luscious locks. The girls asked the server for a pair of scissors, were denied, and went to a nearby dollar store to buy them instead. They then came back and chopped the toddler's hair off. Up to her jaw. Weird prank much?

Naturally, the toddler's mother was upset. Both older girls went to court. The 11-year-old was sentenced to have her hair cut short (at a salon). Kaytlen, who already has a kind of scary criminal past, was also sentenced to have her hair cut... except the judge told her mother to cut it off right there in the court, in front of the offended toddler's mother, who got to determine the length. Weird punishment much?

This whole story is just strange, so we've got a few questions. For instance...

  • Where was the toddler's mother when all this was going down?
  • If you're going to assault a toddler, why choose to cut her hair?
  • What's up with the judge's sentence?
  • Isn't this whole thing a bit ridiculous?

We don't know what to say, Sparklers. Got any thoughts on this weird case?

[Via Jezebel]

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