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The Friday Awards: Beware the SparkNotes Dragon

The Friday Awards: Beware the SparkNotes Dragon

Things are looking good, Sparklers. We've managed to eat our way through one of the dungeons' cake-walls (which, we are happy to report, are made of delicious red velvet cake because that is the best in the world).

Now we just have to keep eating and tunneling our way out of the dungeons. But we'd better be careful, because the dragon who guards the dungeons has been on the loose lately and we haven't fed him. Beware!Now, on to the Friwards:

First off, a very happy birthday to Mia!

Awesome Decoder Points go to awesomenesslyness, mphillips858, Caracupcakes, bearbaitbrook, and madrigalmagic for decoding last week’s secret message, “We are so full of cake.”

Username of the Week Award goes to ronweasleyandchocolatealmonds.

The You Are a Sneaky Genuis Award goes to Sydney8771 for her comment on the words we hate post:

“This post is soooo relatable! I mean, I could care less if people use these words or phrases. Irregardless, it's good to know if you're using words the wrong way. We all know there are literally Grammar Nazis lurking in the shadows everywhere, waiting to call you out on your misuse of "to" and "too". To Grammar Nazis everywhere, I say *dramatic pause* "Same difference!"”

LOL Points go to the following Sparklers:

Timey_wimey_stuff for her comment on the engagements post:

“You know it's true love when there's a picture of the two of you holding guns, without pointing them at each other.
Congratulations, and I hope you give birth to a bouncing, beautiful baby fetal velociraptor.”

Rosebud119 for her comment on the pickup lines post:

“"You make my heart slip'n'slide." This would be cute to use when you're actually using a slip and slide. However, assuming you are using a slip and slide, you are also most likely at a family reunion with your little cousins and your attractive crush is also most likely related to you (your sister's husband's nephew's son).

Oh the agony!”

WhiteEyedCat for her comment on the same post:

“Has anyone ever told you that your eyes are the colour of the ocean after a storm when it's kind of brownish and full of seaweed?”

greendreamer43 for her comment on the words post:

“The "literally" thing always makes me cringe, but also start laughing... When I was in 9th grade, I had a teacher talking about his college days tell us, "We were literally nailing the professor to the wall with our questions!" Sounds... difficult.”

Emily_Jeanette for her comment on the hair dye post:

“For some reason when I looked at Kelly Osbourne's hot pink hair I swore that was the end of the slideshow. I think it's because she looks so bizarre that my brain was like "I CAN TAKE NO MORE STRANGE HAIR. THIS MADNESS MUST END."”

Juliagirlperson for her comment on the music post:

“Nothing says "I would break the law for you" like giving your friend a mixed CD.”

ThePensivePenseive for this comment on the Emma Stone post:

“Every time Andrew Garfield awkwardgrimacesmiles, somewhere a kitten is born.”

thePurpleRavenclaw for her comment on the batman trailer:

“NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BAT BAAAM!!! Or is it ZAP? This went a lot better in my head.”

And XTheInvincible for this comment:

“You know, I think we're all secretly hipsters because we act 'normal'. Obvious hipster-dom is just so mainstream!”

Keep the comments coming, Sparklers. And keep eating cake!

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