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Blogging Disney: 101 Dalmatians

Blogging Disney: 101 Dalmatians

Alright, time for honesty: I'd never seen 101 Dalmatians.

Yes! That's it! Scream and go batty, and meanwhile, take a gander at these gems from last week's comments on Sleeping Beauty.

mega_mega9 said:

"On the contrary, my brother seems to find extensive joy and happiness from pretending to wield a sword..."

thePurpleRavenclaw said:

"1. Since when are fairies skanky? The fairy godmother in Cinderella is pretty much wearing a muumuu. I know that Tinkerbell's skirt is a bit short, but still.
10. In the original story, I think it's because Maleficent isn't invited to Aurora's christening. That's still a pretty extreme reaction, but I guess it was a big slight to Maleficent, seeing as she's so powerful and all, when the three nitwits who can't even sew got invited.
11. Everyone in the kingdom gets put to sleep. Plus, there's that giant thorn forest to get through, which should keep out the enemies. You know, at least the ones that don't have swords or axes.
15. Sleeping Beauty is, I believe, getting the SWATH treatment sometime soon. The movie Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie in the title role, comes out in 2014, with Elle Fanning as Aurora."

Tara.Lugosi6 said:

"This is one of the more interesting Disney Movies in my mind, because there was a lot of background going on here. All of the music is from Tchaikovsky's ballet Sleeping Beauty, with words added in by Disney. This is also Walt Disney's favorite movie, and he thought it was their best story telling yet. It took over seven years to make, and it was the last hand inked film. The voice of Maleficent was done by the woman who voiced Lady Tramaine in Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty was modeled after Audrey Hepburn. Good stuff."

Just thought I'd share that wisdom with you guys. Now moving on to today's flick:

The only exposure I've ever had to this film is reading the storybook to my sister. Thus, I was honestly expecting it to be bad, because the storyline wasn't worth much. But I underestimated Disney's inherent charm, which made the movie a joy to watch. Sure, the plot's not fantastic, but the characters are lovingly portrayed in a way only Disney can do.

1. Does this screenshot look awkward to anyone else?

2. Was Roger and Anita's wedding a really fast one? The family obviously didn't attend.

Again, watching this film with my little sister rendered gold: "She ruined the cupcakes! By putting her smoker in them."

3. Are Roger and Anita the cutest couple in Disney? They're definitely in the running with Aladdin and Jasmine, Belle and the Beast, and Terk and Tantor.

4. How can Roger and Anita afford to hire a housekeeper if they can barely feed themselves?

5. How old is Cruella? Roger calls her Anita's "old school mate," so does that mean she's Anita's age?

6. How important does news have to be to travel along the Twilight Bark? Are there a lot of dumb forwards going along it, with threats like "Bark this on or cats will eat your puke!"

7. Why does Cruella want the coats? There's one point where her two cronies say that even with 99 dalmatians, they'll barely be able to make more than half a dozen coats. Cruella says she doesn't care. Does this mean, then, that Cruella isn't going to make a profit on the coats? Is she keeping the coats for herself? She never explains her scheme, so what's up?

8. Who doesn't love a good headbutt in the nuts?

9. Who would expect dogs to cover their tracks? Cruella stops in the middle of the road because she sees tracks on the side that then disappear. She then assumes that the dogs have tried to cover their tracks. This is pretty crazy in and of itself, but the real question is, if you expect dogs to cover their tracks, why wouldn't you expect them to disguise themselves as Labradors? And yet Cruella is confounded and incredibly surprised by this turn of events.

10. Couldn't Cruella sue Roger for slander? He releases a song using her name negatively. If I were to write a song titled "Donald Trump The Nasty," and sell it to Nicki Minaj's managers, and she released it as a single, one or both of us would get in heap big trouble. So are there repercussions for Roger?

Favorite Part of the Film: The Colonel, the Captain, and Sergeant Tibbers in that old barn. They're the true heroes of this movie!

Next week: The Sword in the Stone

What are your opinions on 101 Dalmatians?

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