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5 Characters We Can't Wait to See in Les Mis

5 Characters We Can't Wait to See in Les Mis

So, unless you have some fantasmagorically epic excuse (i.e. your computer has been stolen by an angry mob of unicorns), you’ve no doubt already seen the amazing trailer that is Les Miserables. And judging by the amount of comments consisting of “OMG HUGH JACKMAN IS IN A BADASS HAT!” among others ending with an innumerable amount of exclamation points or smiley faces, the verdict is in: we’re all pleased. Heck no; actually, we’re psyched.

But while it’s undeniable that Ms. Hathaway as the ill-fated Fantine, or beautiful Samantha Barks as vocal powerhouse Eponine stole our hearts in this minute preview, only so much time can pass before we start to ask ourselves: What about the rest of the cast? Les Mis is notorious for its overwhelming amount of characters, all of whom serve to move to story in some vital way. Can we hope that the other pieces of this ensemble will be sure to brighten the silver screen in stars?

Here are five other characters that we haven’t seen yet. We cannot wait until they are unveiled!

  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Thénardier. The slimy Master of the House himself. The living epitome of greed, mischief, and a totally awesome theme song for his restaurant. I didn’t really have an exact person in my mind for who I wanted to play this part, but when I heard it was Sacha, I flipped. Watch any version of “Master of the House” and tell me you agree—can’t you totally see him bossing it out with a hat, blue coat, and singing drunkardly?
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Madame Thénardier. I won’t lie— I was totally expecting an obese, ugly, redhead to play the missus in the film. However, once I heard the Helena Bonham Carter was cast, I didn’t even care. While some may be worried that Helena isn’t exactly the same body type as most Madame Thénardier’s usually emulate, we’ve all seen what Helena can do. She can play this role anyway she wants and we’ll still think its epic. Plus, she’s playing the wife of Sacha Baron Cohen. Am I the only person who thinks they are literally one of the best castings as a couple?!
  • Aaron Tveit as Enjolras. Who doesn’t love Aaron Tveit? Is it the fact that he’s good-looking and has an amazing voice? I did kind of want him to be Marius (though that was before I knew about Eddie), but Enjorlas is such a lovable character that I’m glad he was cast for the part. Plus, Enjorlas sings enough that we’ll still get a sufficient enough of Mr. Tveit’s angelic voice.
  • Daniel Huttlestone as Gavroche. I admit that I was a little upset that my favorite Gavroche—an adorable yet fierce boy named Robert Madge from the 25th anniversary of Les Mis—wasn’t cast as the devilish street urchin in the film. However, Gavroche is still one of my favorite characters (his death never fails to make me cry), so I’m still interested to see Mr. Huttlestone take on this role. He’s also extremely adorable, which doesn’t hurt.
  • George Blagden as Grantaire. Ever since seeing Hadley Fraser’s performance from the 25th anniversary (as well as his awesome bromance with Ramin Karminloo’s Enjorlas), I’ve grown to love Grantaire. And from what I’ve seen about George Bladgen from his website, he seems like such a talent (as well as good-looking!). I’m excited to see him bring my favorite drunken idiot to the screen.

While this may not be anything to squeal over, I’m also really excited to see Kerry Ellis, Hadley Fraser, Alexia Khadime, Hannah Waddingham, and more stars from the Les Miserables run in London joining in as bit roles scattered throughout the film. I can tell you now that I’ll be spending some time searching for Mr. Fraser while watching.

Who are you excited to see in Les Mis?

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