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The Dark Knight Rises: New Trailer

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The Dark Knight Rises: New Trailer

Yes, there's another one. And it's awesome. And here it is:

Is there some kind of rule for the The Dark Knight Rises marketing team where every trailer Bane has to say a new thing that is the coolest thing we've ever heard?  First "When Gotham is ashes you have my permission to die," then "Your punishment must be more severe," and now that chilling "Mr. Wayne."

More and more it seems that Bane was an absolutely inspired choice as the villain for Christopher Nolan's Batman finale.  You can't out Joker The Joker, especially after Heath Ledger's performance, and to have gone with a foe that calls to mind that character's insanity even if only slightly would have been a fool's errand.  Thankfully, Bane is as close to The Joker's opposite as you can get.  They're both ruthlessly intelligent, but where The Joker is a mad agent of chaos Bane is sane, methodical, and a real physical threat.  If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Knightfall—the series of Batman comics that introduced him.

Color us excited.  This movie is going to be so awesome.

What do you think of Bane and the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer?

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