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British Musicians You Should Be Listening To

British Musicians You Should Be Listening To

Lately, there’s been a huge hype about the latest Britpop acts to hop across the Pond, with groups like 1D and The Wanted being amongst the most recurring names. The response that groups like these are getting in the USA is pretty much a relocated version of what we think of them here in the UK, with extremes ranging from borderline hatred to borderline obsession. Since I’m experiencing some patriotic euphoria right now, I’d like to share with you some of the newer British stars who are making a name for themselves over here as we speak and stand a chance of being our next big export.

Emeli Sande. For a long, long time, Scottish Emeli Sande worked behind the scenes, writing for the likes of Leona Lewis and Cher Lloyd. All that changed when she signed a record deal with Virgin in 2010 and, after upgrading to collaborations with artists like Chipmunk, began working on her own album, Our Version of Events, which is aurally stunning. Apparently, it has only recently been released in the USA after she made her American TV debut about a month ago, so with any luck you’ll be hearing more about her very soon. She is has a soulfully powerful voice with the power to rival Adele. Continuing the comparison to Adele, Emeli comes across as an all-round better role model, for those of you who value that in an artist: she is a woman who values education as her highest priority and strives to keep her private life just that. If you’re stuck for which of her songs to listen to first, I’d recommend "Heaven." It’s meaningfully written and exposes you to the blunt force of her vocals.

Rita Ora. Originally born in Kosovo, Rita Ora lurked in the background for a few years before the media took and interest and decided that she may well be Britain’s answer to Rihanna, to whom she bears a striking resemblance in the right light. In terms of sound, Rita is something of a Ke$ha-meets-Cher Lloyd-meets-Gwen Stefani act. She’s becoming known for her energetic performances and party anthems. For many of you, this will be right up your street, but you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that songs with names like "Roc the Life" and "Shine Ya Light" are not exactly going to be intellectually stimulating. Following in Emeli Sande’s footsteps, she is set to open concerts for Coldplay this summer and will likely replace Rihanna’s vocals on live versions of "Princess of China."

Little Mix. This female four-piece with attitude was voted the winner of the most recent edition of the X Factor, becoming the only group to ever be crowned victors in the history of the program. Considering how quick Simon Cowell has been to introduce his X Factor fodder to the USA in times gone by, my prediction will be that these girls are next in line. In typical X Factor tradition, it will be in the later end of 2012 before they release any new material after spending an intense year promoting themselves and producing their debut album.

Maverick Sabre. For any of you interested in R&B/Folk crossovers, look out for Hackney-based Maverick Sabre. He’s a man with a fierce name and fierce, eerie vocals who draws influence from Plan B and Professor Green. Admittedly, he’s not a chart topper, but with all the work that he’s put in making a name for himself since 2008, he has cemented his position in his genre and is a higher profile performer on any festival listing. His debut album "Lonely are the Brave" fuses soul and dubstep into opinionated songs that are acted out in greyscale videos. At current, he is not set to take America by storm, but the progress he has made under the British Spotlight hints that he’s one to watch out for.

Love British music? Who do you think is next to cross the pond?

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