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Should Actors Starve Themselves for Skinny Roles?

Should Actors Starve Themselves for Skinny Roles?

The Les Mis fans of the world have probably noticed that Anne Hathaway is looking painfully skinny for her role as Fantine. And yes, it makes sense for Hathaway to be thin for the part. But what makes us concerned about her dramatic weight loss is that she, already a thin person, subsisted on a 500 calorie per day diet of hummus and radishes. Hummus and radishes???

While we appreciate her dedication, that seems extraordinarily unhealthy, especially since her role as Cat Woman in the upcoming Batman movie requires her to be extremely fit—thin, yes, but also, like, healthy.

Now, Sparklers, think back to a couple months ago with the Hunger Games premiere: a lot of fans and critics were up in arms about Jennifer Lawrence not doing what Anne Hathaway has done. Jennifer Lawrence, despite being cast as an underfed teen, didn't starve herself down to toothpick level to play the part.

So here's what we're wondering, Sparklers: would you rather an actor or actress playing a skinny person starve themselves to play the part? Personally, we're on Lawrence's side with this one: staying true to the story is nice, but health is a bit more important, especially when considering the growing number of eating disorders out there.

But you guys be the judge! Tell us, what do you think? Should actors crash diet to play a part?

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