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Look at Jenny's Cool Necklace

Look at Jenny's Cool Necklace

What secrets lie within Jenny's pendant necklace? Read on to find out...

Please describe your top.
Well, I'm wearing a rust-orange tank top; it has a nice floral design on the front, but the back is all mesh...which is nice for the summer, but not so office-appropriate, which is why I'm wearing a vest over it (besides the fact that vests are just cool).

Where did you get the top?

Marshalls rules. OK, onto the jeans (jeans? pants?).
They're not actually jeans, they're just black pants. I think they're some sort of synthetic polyester blend thing, but they're actually Calvin Klein (and also from Marshalls!). My dad bought them for me :) And they're really comfortable!

Your dad is a fashion genius.
He is! He dresses better than I do.

Let's talk about your awesome necklace!
It's a pocket-watch type necklace; I bought it at a street market in NYC for about ten bucks last year. And it actually keeps accurate time, which is nice.

You're wearing your cute oxfords.
Yep! See, they do go with black and brown.

Just like you said. What's that written on your hand?
Ha! That's a memo to myself to call my doctor. I try to write on sticky notes, but I always forget them, and, well, it's hard to forget your hand!

I'm pretty sure the ink will seep into your bloodstream and kill you. That's what my seventh grade gym teacher said, anyway.
My teachers told me that, too, but I haven't died yet!

Do you write on your hand? Are you still alive?

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