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Creative Ways to Ask Your Parents for Money

Creative Ways to Ask Your Parents for Money

"Mom! Dad! An angry army of koala bears has kidnapped me! They demand 100 bucks in ransom money! Leave it by the toaster. Thanks."

"Can I have some cash so I can donate to the Boredom Walk this Saturday at the park?"

"2! 4! 6! 8! Look…I'm broke. Just add all those up and give me that much money."

"They say money is the root of all evil. But really, it's teenagers.  How 'bout lending me some and I can silence those evil voices in my head?"

"I've tallied up the monthly charges of being your kid and your bill comes to 50 bucks. Make a check out in my name or simply pay in cash. It's that easy!"

"Remember that time you came home and your favorite coffee mug was broken? That was your other kid. How's about a little cash for coming forward with the truth?"

"They're running out of tacos at Taco Bell! Quick! Gimme some cash and I'll gather what I can!"

"I've decided to follow my dream and become an astronaut. First things first, I need money to buy Space Jam on DVD and begin my research."

"Dad said you could lend me 20 bucks to go out."

"Mom said you could lend me 20 bucks to go out."

"If you don't lend me 20 bucks to go out I'll be in here with you all night."

"Let's pretend we just played poker and I won. Pay up!"

"If this house is a democracy then I vote on you giving me money. If it is Communist, then I deserve the same amount of money you have. If it is an anarchy, then hand over the cash and nobody gets hurt."

"I figured out the secret to life! But it'll cost you 50 bucks."

"I can't believe how greedy corporations have become. I think the best thing to do is keep the money out of their hands and put it into mine."

"Here's a quick price list for being your kid this year: $10 I will no longer blast Katy Perry's music; $20 I will not text at the dinner table; $50 I will not get a tattoo…ever; $100 bucks I will dump that person I've been secretly dating behind your back who rides a motorcycle."

"Everything happens for a reason. And it's usually cash. Can I have some?"

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