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Angelina Jolie Looks Aptly Terrifying as Maleficent

Angelina Jolie Looks Aptly Terrifying as Maleficent

By Emily Winter

Angelina Jolie—the most intense woman on the planet—is playing Maleficent in the upcoming movie called, uh, Maleficent.

Channel your inner 4-year-old and recall that Maleficent is the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty. How did she get so evil? This film aims to explain.

We were pretty jazzed about the Jolie casting choice, especially after we saw THIS PHOTO of Ang lookin' fierce as fire. The glowing eyes! The crazy cheekbones! AND THE HORNS! What's not to love? Er, hate?

The film just started shooting, with Elle Fanning playing Sleepy B. We're super psyched for this movie, even though it's not set for release until March 2014.

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