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What To Do When You're Broke and Sad

What To Do When You're Broke and Sad

You know what’s awesome about the summer? Well besides EVERYTHING? Hanging out with your friends! Now, if your friends are anything like my friends, they’re probably incredibly lame and I mean that in the nicest way possible. But seriously, our go-to hanging out plan consists of seeing a movie and then standing around the movie theater parking lot trying to figure out what we should do next. If you and your friends have ever contemplated going to the library because you can’t think of anything else to do, then you may need my help. So here’s my Awesomely Awesome List of Things for You and Your Friends to Do:

  • Bungee jumping
  • Backpacking across Europe
  • Sailing around the Caribbean on your private yacht


What’s that? You’re way too broke to do any of these awesomely awesome things? Okay good because my friends and I are broke too… which is why we have the Awesomely Awesome List of Inexpensive Things for You and Your Broke Friends to Do:

  • Throw a movie marathon. Each friend can host a different themed night: Super hero movies, ultimate chick flicks, scary movies, comedies, whatever! Everyone brings their own candy, while the host provides the popcorn.
  • Start a book club. It’s not just for your mom anymore. Bake cookies and drink tea for an extra sophisticated feel.
  • Host an at home spa day. Paint each other’s nails and Google homemade face masks. Cucumber slices are optional.
  • Have a BBQ. Figure out which of your friends knows how to work a grill and dub them “IT.” Everyone else can bring a side dish. Make sure someone brings marshmallows for making S'mores.
  • Have a picnic. Similar to the BBQ, except without a grill.
  • Explore a local park. Lead a hiking expedition through the untamed wilderness of suburban woods. Everyone should wear bandanas.
  • Have an outdoor movie screening. Okay, so I read about this one in a magazine. Technically you’d need to buy a projector and something to project onto, but is sounds pretty freaking cool.
  • Play Mario Kart. Because it’s awesome.
  • Play laser tag or go bowling. A lot of places have specials during weird hours for broke people just like you!
  • Organize a photo scavenger hunt. One or two people create a list of items that the rest of the friends (who have split into teams) have to find and take pictures of in a certain amount of time. Common items include a fire hydrant, stop sign, garden gnome, etc. but you can get real fancy with things like so-and-so’s mom or a cow mailbox.
  • Give each other makeovers. Be as tame or wild as you want. If you do go a bit crazy, have a high fashion photo shoot afterwards, or film a cover of “Call Me Maybe” that will never see the light of day.
  • Make sundaes.... because they’re delicious.

And that’s all I’ve got! If you think of anything else that’s awesomely awesome (and inexpensive), leave it in the comments!

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