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The Bluest Jeans

The Bluest Jeans

Well, here’s a depressing report from the fashion front lines: so far this season, most of the trends I’ve spotted are ones in which I won’t be partaking. The return of 1970s-style cork-soled platform clogs, jeans that look like my grandmother’s couch... I dunno, guys, I’m just not digging it. (Seriously, the jeans. Who is buying these? Is it you? Tell me, I want to understand!)

So with zero interest in this year’s hotlist so far, I’ve decided to be proudly late to the style party and sport some holdover trends from 2011 instead... at least until such time as the denim selection doesn’t so much resemble upholstery. And first on my list? Cobalt skinny jeans!

Cobalt is one of the most-loved hues to come out of the colored jeans trend, along with coral, mint green, and red. (When I googled “cobalt colored jeans” just now, the first thing that came up was a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing these exact pants, so do with that what you will.) And although originally, I would’ve classified these jeans as being not for the faint-of-heart—or faint-of-butt, maybe, since if you feel self-conscious about your backside then candy-colored denim is probably not your thing—I’ve changed my mind after playing with these a bit. And now, I think that cobalt is the perfect entry-level shade if you’re interested in trying out the colorful denim look. Despite being a blazing electric blue, I’ve found that these are more versatile than any of the other bright bottoms I own; they can sub in for a more classic-wash jean in just about any outfit, and they can be even further subdued if you add in a pop of an even more eye-catching color (i.e. my turquoise belt).

Head to toe: top, Old Navy; belt, local boutique; jeans, TJ Maxx; shoes, Nine West.

Would you wear cobalt-colored jeans?

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