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Check Out Jenny's Amazing Nails

Check Out Jenny's Amazing Nails

It's Monday, the grumpiest of all days, but Jenny is cheering us up with head-to-toe blue, and cool nail art. Click through to see her complete look!

Where is this pretty blue dress from?
H&M! They have a ton of new denim-styled items out now, and they're all pretty adorable.

What about your coordinating flats?
The flats came from a store that sells discount shoes here in New York; it's a pretty sketchy place (and I'm pretty sure it's probably some sort of front), but you can buy shoes for ten bucks!

I love the ribbon you're wearing. What was the inspiration?
Wearing ribbons always just makes me feel a little bit like Jane Austen, even though I can't think of any reason why I feel that connection...but I love velvet ribbons! They're a cheap way to accessorize, since you can buy a couple yards for one or two dollars.

Do you find them at a fabric store?
Yeah. You can usually get them at any fabric or fabric accessory store, like a trimmings shop or something like that.

Your ring is really cool.
Thanks! It's a spoon ring. I got it from Claire's.

You're wearing Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips, and they look awesome. Were you inspired by the ad campaign on SL??
Actually, yes, though I didn't mean to be. I kept seeing the nails with writing on them in the background and thinking, "Hmm, those are so cool!" So I finally broke down and went to buy the strips, even though I was sure it was going to be really hard. But it wasn't! They're amazingly easy to use, which really surprised me. And I'm hoping that having words on my fingers will inspire me while I'm working on my Camp NaNo novel :)

Do you like to wear all one color occasionally?
For sure! In high school I was always terrible at figuring out which colors go together well, so wearing all one color is a safe way around that.

Do you ever wear all one color? Have you tried these nail strips? How cute does Jenny look today?

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