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What's Jenny Wearing Today?

What's Jenny Wearing Today?

Our intern, Jennifer Grudziecki, is not only brilliant, sweet, and hardworking, she's so well-dressed it makes us sick. Yes, we're not ashamed to say we're deeply jealous of Jenny's wardrobe (and her personality, and her hair). But instead of just sitting here in our lumpy sweaters, seething with envy, we decided to interview Jenny on her thrifty and awesome fashion choices. Read on to find out about today's outfit!

Tell me about your earrings.
The earrings I got at Claire's (discount) because owls are cute (and trendy). And also because they match my watch :)

Where did you get your cute watch?
JC Penney jewelry section :)

Now let's talk about your necklace.
The necklace came from American Eagle (also on clearance). It's one of those long ones with lots of charms, which I love.

What kind of charms? Please describe.
There are a couple of stones, an elephant, a flat piece of metal, and a kind of celtic-knot thing.

Let's talk SHOES. I love oxfords for girls!
Me too! I don't remember where I got them, but I love them because they're brown and black and I can therefore wear them with whatever I want!

You don't normally wear jeans, right?
Yeah, not very often because I can't wear them to school, and I usually come to work after school.

I should note that I forced you to pull them up so we could see your shoes—they are not actually floodwaters.
Hahaha :) They're just plain old Levi's, from the clearance rack, though.

Tell us about your school's dress code. What are the rules, and how come they exist?
Well, my college is all about getting us ready for the professional world, so we have a dress code of business casual that's a little bit stricter than most office-wear. Basically, no jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers, and the guys usually wear suits.

Fancy! OK, tell us about your shirt.
The shirt's from forever 21; it's a bit (a lot) see-through, so I'm wearing a tank-top under it.

OK, thank you!!! I'm really excited for this series.
No problem :) Me too, as long as they don't hate my clothes!

How much do you NOT hate Jenny's clothes?

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