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My First Blog Novel: Cost of Revenge

My First Blog Novel: Cost of Revenge

So, after seeing a number of movies and other blog entries, I realized that blog novels had been on the rise recently. In most of the movies, the author that posted his or her novel on the blog eventually became famous. In most cases, however, the authors are never recognized. Having piqued my interest to find out just HOW good these blog novels are, I decided to check out the first one I heard about: Cost of Revenge on an edublog.

Quick Summary:The novel is historical fantasy, taking place in what would appear to be the medieval era in a different world. Unlike other fantasy, this novel did not contain people with magical powers (unless you count those creepy fortunetellers who are pretty accurate in their predictions), but normal people with normal capacities. In the blog novel, one specific kingdom decided to completely destroy another kingdom for power. The king and queen decided to keep the newborn prince of the kingdom they just destroyed alive and raised the boy as one of their own in their own kingdom. The boy/prince’s name is Dominic. Everything was fine and dandy until Dominic found out the truth about his past. Then the action begins.

Like I have said before, I’ve never really read a blog novel. To me, these authors are usually just trying to find an easy way out to fame without all the rejection from publishers, so I wasn’t expecting anything inspirational or significant.

WOW! I was WRONG! It’s obvious that the author never ran this novel through an editor, but if you can ignore the grammar mistakes, he or she presented me with one of the most complex novels I've read in a long time. The characters are incredibly complex, the details are gorgeous, and the plot is just…indescribable. The way the author created the protagonist and antagonist was amazing in ways I can’t explain. This novel is definitely NOT paranormal romance, so rejoice overzealous Sparklers!

With this novel as a wonderful introduction to blog novels, I think I’m going to continue in this new genre(ish)!

SPOILER: Just don’t expect a happy ending from Cost of Revenge. JUST DON’T!

Have you ever read (or written!) a blog novel?

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