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Happy Father's Day to ALL THE DADS! (And Especially to My Dad, Who is the Best!)

Happy Father's Day to ALL THE DADS! (And Especially to My Dad, Who is the Best!)

I have told you butts many a time that my dad, who is known affectionately by his fans and daughters as Dadsauce Dagger Broccoli the First, is the best dad in the world. What I haven't told you is that he also happens to be an amateur-professional Lord of the Dance. THIS MAN HAS MOVES. He and my amazing mom started taking dance classes a few years ago, and they are now able to tango, salsa, get jiggy with it, bring the funk, and groove old-school style—basically, they can do a bunch of stuff that parents should never, ever do in public, lest their children die of embarrassment. So when this video of Jimmy Fallon performing the Evolution of the Dad Dance popped up, I knew I had to post it—because not only could my dad kick Jimmy's ass in a dance-off, but he also looks WAY better in khakis. Here's to you, Dadsauce; thank you for giving me my alarmingly large, shiny forehead, my winning sense of humor, and all the love, laughs, and cheeseburgers a daughter could ask for. I LOVE YOU!

EVERYBODY DO THE ELBOW FACTORY!! Wasn't that the cutest/most hilarious video you've ever seen? How does your dad dance?

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